Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Emma's First Word's!

Okay so for my first blog post I want to introduce myself to you and also start with a product review! My name is Emma Victoria, I'm just like any other teenage girl! I'm friendly bubbly and lively, and love all my friends! I have natural blonde hair (of which I experiment a lot with different hairstyles and dying it with semi-permanent dyes!). In this blog I will focus on my type of fashion, where I shop, what I buy, but I will also be looking at different make-up products, reviewing them and also giving you tips and showing you what I might do! 

So please I hope you enjoy my blog and spread the word about it to your friends!

*DISCLAIMER* I'm not a professional in any way, anything I share with you is what I find works for me! So please don't say if I'm doing something wrong or its not how it should be done! Thank you!