Saturday, 26 January 2013

Anyone Can Model.

Now, those of you who know me personally know I am a trainee photographer and also studying English Language. I take great pride in my photography and everything to do with it. I have a few friends who are also photographers and occasionally need model's for a project. Now, my friend needed me as a model for her latest project 'The Modern Elegance' which will be showcased later this year. She asked me if I was able to portray the ideas of Audrey Hepburn and the iconic Marilyn Monroe; the elegance and body composition in a photo. I am only aloud to reveal one image to you all, (the image on the right) which is currently my profile picture on Facebook! In the image I had to portray elegance, and what a lady should reveal. The name of the image (which was chosen by myself and my friend) is "A girl has beauty, a woman has elegance". I am not meant to say what the picture depicts or says or the particular message to you... so here we ask you (Josie and myself) want to know what you think from this image; what is says to you as a viewer and recipient of the image! 

Much Love



Friday, 25 January 2013

Candle Crazy!

Hello my Cupcakes! Some people who know me personally probably know I'm very obsessed with candles! I always find that candles give you that warm winter'y snug feeling. I have a very big bedroom, which is also a combined living space, and if you don't get the feel of the room right then it can feel very cold and boring. Now I am currently through a transition period in my room as I am getting new furniture and re-jigging all my stuff for a whole new style, which I will show to you when it is complete! Currently, as you can see in the picture my bed is against the back wall of my room where my door is, this will be changing! I always feel candles make me feel so much happier and I believe they always calm me down and relax me if I have had a stressful or tiring day. 
In the image on the left if 3 of the main candles I have in my room. The one on the far left is my Tropical glass pot candle with a lid. I bought this from Morrisons for a lovely £1.50. The scent isn't too strong or too weak. I have quite a big bedroom and the smell actually does surround the room, even when its the only candle I light! The middle candle is another one from Morrisons, its unscented and mainly use this one for photography projects and photo shoots  This pillar candle is usually on my draws with my heart dish and 2 photo frames (as you can see on the upper right!). The stand for the pillar candle is from Sainsbury's; I bought it for about £5 many years ago, but you could probably find cheap candle holders in a 99p shop or online! The candle on the right is, again, from Morrisons; this candle is another scented candle which I got in a deal pack with 24 tea lights both Strawberry and Pomegranate scented. The smell from these are absolutely outstanding! I adore the smell of these new candles, I got the small pillar candle and tea lights for an outstanding £1.50... This made me very happy! I buy loads of my candle stuff from Morrisons, they are cheap and they are still fantastic.
In the image on the left is off my cute little star candle holders which I bought for 50p each in yes, Morrisons! These have to be one of my favourite finds! Currently I am using up all my tropical tea lights from Morrisons for a pack of 24 tea lights costs you about £1! On the image on the right I have the same tea lights, but these candle holders I bought about 6 years ago from Partylite. I went to a friends mum's party and she had this company round, I also at the time bought some Black Cherry candles (these had a really deep but beautiful aroma to these candles but never got the chance to buy some more!) These tea light holder's are really unique and stunning, in the bottom of 2 of them is an orange glass look at the bottom of them and the other 2 is more like a deep purple glass effect on the bottom, they are also tear dropped shape, which works so well!


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Looking Back & Changing

Now, every new year, everyone makes a 'New Year's Resolution', and do people usually stick to them? Honestly, they'd like to say yes, but the majority of the time people always give up or even forget about their resolution. However, this year I had 2 resolutions for myself. The first was to keep my second new years resolution, and the second was to lose weight. Now this is probably the most common resolution. I am now into my 23rd Day of my new diet, I last weighed myself last Thursday, and I weighed myself today and I have lost 2lb's. Now, 2012 was a really terrible year for me; my brother had major surgery in January (a year today), I fell ill with pneumonia, kicked out of college, 
and many other private issues. The only thing that kept me going was my boyfriend, Ollie; however in November we were both told the heart-breaking news he was moving back to New Zealand. Throughout the year, I began to comfort eat and began not to care about myself or what anyone thought. I locked myself away and wouldn't talk to anyone. But when my boyfriend left the UK, I decided I would change myself for the better, make myself happy. Now I have never really been skinny or slim. But I have tried many diets in the past and just gave up. I now have my own treadmill and cycling bike at home, as well as using 'fun' fitness exercises such as the Wii Fit! I am now doing a calorie control diet, I have 1500 calories (kcal) a day. You can eat what you want, when you want, you just watch your calories! This is working really well for me. I find its the healthiest way to lose weight, losing 1 or 2 pounds a week is healthy. Don't starve yourself, otherwise you will just crave all the time and constantly feel hungry and find yourself wanting to eat even more then before you started the diet!
The thing you need the most during a diet and trying to lose weight, is support and encouragement. Now, I still speak to my now ex Ollie, even though it hurts me emotionally, (its still early stages since he left and we split, be positive and be happy!) But every week we Skype each other,  he asks me how my diet is going and if I have lost any weight. Now if I gain for whatever reason, we talk it through about where I went wrong or what happened, and we work and improve on the previous week. Now, in the diet I am doing, it says that if you go wrong one day, forget about it and start again the next day. Don't dwell and give up if you go wrong once, everyone makes mistakes and has slip ups, don't beat yourself up over it!

I am someone who constantly helps people when they need me (even though I am someone who bottles up my emotions when I am upset or sad, just cause I don't want to be judged, another habit I am trying to break, a challenge? A very hard challenge for me.), no matter how small the problem or issue is. I always listen when people need advice or help, I encourage them if they need it. And if you are doing the same as me and have stuck to your goal, or want to lose weight, then be positive, don't let one bad day get you down when there is thousands ahead of you which YOU can make happy! If any of you lovely people need advice, or even just want a little chat, then I am always here to listen and help. You can comment on here or email me on

Now, remember, You are amazing and beautiful. When you do something, don't do it for others, do it for yourself. At the end of the day, you are important and should be happy!

Keep Smiling Beautiful!


Monday, 21 January 2013

Liebster Award!

Hello my beauties! So as usual, I came onto my laptop this morning after finding out my work was closed due to the snow! So, I came onto my blog to come and write to you guys and I saw Ellie (please go and check out her blog!) had nominated little old me for the Liebster Award! How cute!  

Let me tell you what this little award is all about... The Liebster Blog Award is an award for upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers! Literally translated (because I used to learn German) Liebster means dearest or favourite! Now for me this is actually so sweet, I never had even heard of this before, and it has actually made my day! (Simple things please simple minds, which I am not afraid to say!).

Update! I have now also been Nominated by my friend Steph over at Ch3rrybomb, and I will answer her questions below too!

What do you have to do?

That's probably what you are wondering, well... The rules are; List 11 Facts about yourself, Answer 11 questions which are given to you by you Nominator, Ask 11 Questions for all the bloggers you nominate for the award, Nominate 9 Bloggers pages which have less than 200 followers, go to their blog and tell them about their Nomination, and thank the blogger who nominated you by mentioning them and link it back to their blog on your post!

11 Facts About Me!

1. I live in the South-East of England, I am half Northern and half Southern, and a tiny bit Swiss! My      dad is from Blackpool and my mum and me are both from Wimbledon! 
2. I have natural bright blonde hair but I have experimented with my hair dying it wacky colours!
3. I have an obsession for candles and all things that smell yummy!
4. I love the 1950's era, and my idol's are Marilyn Monroe and Imelda May.
5. I am going back to college in September to finish my A2's in English, Media and Photography after I had to leave in October 2012 when I feel ill with pneumonia :(
6. I am a part-time Photographer with my own studio and also work as a Wheelchair Football coach and assistant. 
7. I love dogs, I currently have a yellow lab named Freddie, he is special as he doesn't a black nose but a pink nose! When I'm older I plan to get a Finnish Spitz and Swedish Lapphund dogs.
8. I also love the Scandinavian countries i.e Sweden, Norway and Finland. 
9. I listen to all types of music, including Rockabilly, Rock'n'Roll, Rock, Pop, Scandipop, Eurovision etc.
10. I also bake, hence by the name, I bake Cupcakes, Muffins, Cakes and all sorts!
11. I love vintage, shabby chic, and elegant furniture!

My Questions from Ellie!

  1. Mascara or lipstick?
  2. Favourite all time beauty product?
  3. Which beauty brand do you swear by?
  4. How long have you been blogging for?
  5. What inspired you to write a blog?
  6. Mexican or Italian food?
  7. Dream occupation?
  8. Do you just blog or do you also vlog?
  9. What is your favourite clothes brand?
  10. What is your favourite season?
  11. Hot chocolate or Tea?
1. I would probably pick Mascara because otherwise my eyes would look so small!
2. My favourite all time beauty product aside from my Carmex would have to be my Estée Lauder lipstick in Aegean Coral!
3. I swear by Natural Collection from Boots. Its cheap and affordable and brilliant quality!
4. I have been blogging since December when I finally gave into my friends!
5. My friends kept nagging at me to start one as I am very good with different make-up styles and hair styles and they thought I should share my tips and tricks!
6. Definitely Italiano! 
7. Probably to get a Master's or PhD in English Language and study English or possibly to work with people in a Rockabilly beauty salon!
8. I used to Vlog a bit on my Youtube Channel and I am thinking of doing it more but I have no inspiration!
9. My favourite would have to be Next. Brilliant Quality as well! They are a tad more expensive then high street retailers but I find their clothing lasts ages and rarely am I ever disappointed!
10. My favourite season would have to be Winter, I like to snuggle in bed to get warm and make my luxury hot chocolate!
11. I love Tea and Hot Chocolate but if I had to choose one I'd have to pick Hot Chocolate!

My Questions from Steph:

  1. Favourite musical or West End/Broadway play? 
  2. Top 2 films? 
  3. Fish or Amphibians? 
  4. If you could only taste one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
  5. Ideal amount of hands (how many do you wish you had?). 
  6. Favourite flower? 
  7. Favourite pair of shoes that you own/want to own in the future? 
  8. Favourite Disney cartoon character?
  9. Milk and Cookies or Tea and Biscuits? 
  10. Pyjamas or normal clothes? 
  11. Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July, Thanksgiving or Valentine's Day? 
1. My favourite musical has to be Mamma Mia! I absolutely adore it!
2. One film would have to be Kung Fu Panda (Films 1 & 2 and the Christmas Special) and the other would be Robbie the Reindeer!
3. I would pick Fish, cause Fish are cute!
4. Oh now that is tough! It would have to be the taste of Raspberry Bon Bon Cupcakes!
5. I wish I had 4 hands, cause then I could do my hair and make-up at the same time!
6. Most would say Rose but mine are Carnations and Tulips!
7. My favourite shoe's I own would have to be my sparkle gold jewelled kitten heels, and a pair I'd die to own would either be a pair of Jeffery Campbell Lita's or some Candy Spiked Flatforms!
8. My favourite Disney cartoon character would probably be Lady from Lady and The Tramp!
9. Mine would be Milk and Cookies, its so much more chilled however I would also chose Tea and Biscuits when I am at work! 
10. Definitely Pyjamas! Does a Reindeer onesie count too?!
11. Christmas for definite! I am always single on Valentine's Day, so it doesnt mean much to me (currently!) But a close second would be Halloween! 

My Questions are;
1. Dog or Cat?
2. Why did you start to blog?
3. Snow or Sunshine?
4. Go out with friends or stay in and watch a good film?
5. Favourite Colour?
6. Favourite pair of shoes?
7. Big Make-Up Brand or Cheap and Reliable Brand?
8. Heels or Flats?
9. If you could look or be anyone in the world, who would you be?
10. Shabby Chic Furniture or Ultra Modern Furniture?
11. Short Hair or Long Hair?

I Nominate! 

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow Make-Up!

So when we have snowfall in the UK, the whole country usually goes into a meltdown, but who said you still can't look fabulous even if you do have to abandon your car or walk your dog?! When we have the snow, I have a very simple and quick make-up routine which I like to do! 

Step 1: Apply any facial products which you might use for acne or spots, always put these products on under your make-up, otherwise you will get no benefit from the usage of these products! As you can see in my other blog post 'Attack Those Spots!' I explain about the products that I use and how they benefit me personally! 

Step 2: Next apply your foundation, I use 2 liquid foundations by Rimmel. The first one I use is the 'Stay Matte' foundation in a shade 200 Beige. I usually use this as a base coat for my foundation. I usually spread my foundation very thinly onto my face and neck. The second foundation that I use is the 'Lasting Finish' foundation in 200 Beige again. This shade compared to the Stay Matte foundation is a little more darker, and I next time I buy this product will probably go one shade lighter. Again I put about a large pea sized amount of this foundation onto my fingertip and then rub this gently onto my face.

Step 3: I do love pastel shades in a lot of my stuff, and that includes some of my eye shadows! For my basic snow make-up I use the Natural Collection 'Mermaid' eye shadow. I am an absolute sucker for NC make-up, its cheap and brilliant quality! I also bought an eye shadow and a small blending brush from Superdrug for about £2, which was a bargain! I use the eye shadow brush and collect a small amount on my brush, I take the eye shadow up to the top of my lip where it creases, and then blend this in so there is no excess eye shadow dusting into your eyes! 

Step 4: Now you would apply some mascara, you don't want too much as your eyelashes may clump or bunch together. I usually use a Victoria Jackson Mascara, but any mascara will do! 

And then you are done! Here is an image of myself with the finished look, it is basic, and very simple, and takes hardly any time at all! You can also add a nice lip gloss, I usually use the Maybelline 'Watershine Gloss' in the shade named 'Cutie Pie' as this has a tint of pink and lasts for ages when applied!


Friday, 18 January 2013

Anladia Hot Pink Messenger Bag

Okay so this week I decided I needed a new handbag! I have quite a few but decided I needed a multi functioning bag! So on I went onto the beautiful world of the Internet and found a company called Anladia. On this website they have various things including; Hats, Bags, Clothing, Make-up etc. So as I browsed through all the bags on their website (some which I really liked some which I didn't) and came across the 'Oilcloth Polka Dots Body Messenger Saddle' bag in Hot Pink. I did have the dilemma of whether to get this bag in either a Sage or Hot Pink. After a debate with my mum to help me decide, I bought the bag in Hot Pink. The bag which I ordered on the 15th January arrived this morning (the 18th), with the bag in a protective vanity bag.  The bag is much more like a small handbag then it is a big satchel bag i.e not the sort of bag you would use to carry your college books around in, as the bag is a bit smaller in size. However, in this bag there are lots of little pockets all on the inside and out. As you can see from the picture on the upper right I already have my diary and also popped some lip products such as Vaseline and Maybelline Lip Gloss into my bag! Behind my cute spotty diary there is another little zip which is perfect for putting keys in (and yes keys with lots of Key chains  as well as a pen and maybe some loose change! On the front of the bag there is 2 pockets which are perfect for little bits and bobs. The quality of this bag is fantastic, the oilcloth material means that this bag is waterproof as well so perfect for the unpredictable UK weather! In this bag you still get the typical 3 pockets on the inside where you have a phone pouch and a nice long pouch or in this case 2 for change and odd bits! In the picture on the lower left you can see the back of the bag, there is yet another zip! Fab! This makes me so happy, 'cause I love bags with zips on the back, for me I usually tend to put my phone in this part
as its nearest my body and I usually have this bit tucked up on the side of me! Another great feature about this bag is the leather buckles on the front of the bag. These are so easy to use with this bag as on the front 2 pouches of the bag there is some poppers which secure the buckles down to close the bag, however, for an added security feature on this bag you can actually zip up the main compartment of this bag, so there is no worries if you are walking down a busy and crowded high street! Another handy feature with this bag that I usually find a very common negative with most other bag's I purchase is that the strap doesn't constantly fall off your shoulder if you are walking very briskly! The strap is a shade of beige which compliments the brown on the leather buckles on the front of the bag. The strap is adjustable as well and is very easy to adjust! On the outside of the bag there is also 2 open pockets on the side, I never usually tend to use these outside pockets as they make anything in them very visible to everyone, and I usually just ignore them as part of a feature on a bag. This bag is definitely my favourite as of now, its made of such a good quality and I'm sure that I will have this bag for a long time to come! I bought the bag for €18.75 plus €2.00 for shipping which converted equals to about  £17.71 including shipping! I myself see this bag as a bargain! Honestly, if you are looking for a messenger type or satchel bag them this one is for you! On the Anladia site they have various different colours for this bag, and you may also be able to get the bag in a pattern too!


Sunday, 13 January 2013

Hair Accessories

On Christmas Eve, I was just browsing on a website called Etsy, when I came across a site called Beauxoxo. All the products on the website are handmade by Georgie, who makes these fantastic hair accessories and runs the website. After looking through the website I just had to buy some of her delightful and beautiful accessories! All the products are made to such an outstanding standard! About a week after I ordered my products they arrived within a week! (Bare in mind that this was over the Christmas and New Year period!) As you can see the the Left, the products were wrapped in  a beautiful glittery pink tissue paper, alongside with some love hearts, and an extra little butterfly 
which can also be used as a clip (which is the image on the right!).

When I received my products I absolutely adored them and they take pride of place in my make-up and accessories basket in my room! The colours are vibrant and very beautiful and just give your hair that little sparkle to glow with the rest of your make-up!

The first product I opened is the "Knitted Bow Headband, Oversized Cute Kawaii Lolita Ear Warmer" in Glitter Baby Pink. This product is so comfy and easy to wear! I have worn mine a lot lately as its been very cold! You could wear this with a knitted jumper or cardigan or when you are lounging in the house. The actual headband is knitted in a pearl stitch, and is used with a baby pink wool which has glitter woven in the wool to give that extra little sparkle and glamour to your hair! I love wearing this with a oversized boyfriend cardigan, black leggings, grey ugg boots and a short sleeved cartoon top! Some products which use wool can be very uncomfortable and itchy if you wear them, this product however, is the complete opposite, its a soft wool which causes no irritation on your skin! I would definitely give this product a 10/10. I bought this from the Beauxoxo website for about £12.00 but the product is of a high quality and finish and definitely worth them extra penny's!

The next product I bought was a "Cute Lolita Kawaii Gingham Fabric Retro 
Pin Up Rockabilly Bow Headband" which I bought in Pink. This product is also made to a very high standard. In a picture the bow doesn't look as big as you'd expect is however, in the image on the right which is taken of myself wearing the bow, you can see the actual size of what the bow looks like when its being worn. When I wear this bow I usually wear it with one of my long 1950's style wiggle dress or swing dress, which are generally knee length. I usually have my hair up in either a pony tail or bun when wearing this bow, because I usually find that the elasticated back of the headband will ride up and cause the bottom of your hair to bunch, mainly if you have short hair.This headband again is very easy and comfortable to wear, but due to the back of the product riding up when I wear my hair down I would give this product a 9.5/10! I bought this pink gingham headband for £12.00, a very reasonable price for a robust and good quality product!

The final product I bought was 2 "Glitter Hair Bows" in Baby Pink (top bow) and in Lavender (bottom bow). This clips are very robust and have a crocodile clip on the back of them so they grip into your hair very easily! When you are wearing them, they don't feel heavy or tug on your hair. I generally find with a lot of products which has or contains glitter on them that they seem to shed a lot of glitter when they are handled, but with this product I don't have that problem. I adore this bows as they go with quite a few of my outfits which I enjoy to wear, and sometimes give that added sparkle which is required just to give that perfect edge on an outfit! I bought both of these bows for £5.00 each, and would definitely give these 2 bows a 10/10! Easy to wear, easy to put on, and very easy to put with a casual or smart outfit!