Friday, 31 May 2013

Bargain Buy! - The Shoes.

I was on the Isle of Wight on Friday 24th May, to see some of my family but also for my big gig which I did with my friends! It was fantastic over there, apart from the yucky rain! After the show I met some of the lovely people who came to watch me sing and perform, and I met this girl, who had these studded creepers, and they were fantastic! On Saturday (the 25th) I met up with my very close friend of many years for lunch and a tad bit of shopping, and to my complete luck I found these beautiful black studded creepers in New Look, the last pair, in my size, and they were reduced!! These were originally £27.99 but I got these for a cheap £12! I know many people seem to have a love/hate relationship with New Look Shoes but I find these super comfy unlike some of the other shoes I have bought from New Look! Many people seem to not like the style of the creeper/Hamilton style shoe, but I adore them! I like to call these my 'Teddy' shoes as these are just like the shoes that Teddy Boys used to wear! 


Emma Victoria


Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Would You Rather; Beauty Tag!

Okay so I actually have the day off work, as I have lost my voice and have a horrible cough, because I work with disabled children I have to be careful if I'm poorly! So as I'm sat at home I thought I would blog to you all! I rather cheekily have stolen this beauty tag from my lovely friend Stephanie's Blog, (please check out her blog, its rather lovely!) and thought why not, as I'm feeling icky!

1. Would you rather lose all of your mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks, and lipglosses or lose all of your palettes and eyeshadows?

I'd much rather lose all my palettes and eyeshadows because they aren't really essential for my everyday basic look, while eyeliner, lipstick and mascara is! 

2. Would you rather chop off all your hair or never be able to cut it again?

Honestly, I'd actually chop off all my hair, cause then I can go through the process or having loads of different styles as it grows, and considering my hair doesn't take that long to grow anyway, and I always seem to have a habit of changing my hairstyle a lot anyway!

3. Would you rather have a coral cheek or a pink cheek? 

Hmm, this is tough. I'd probably say coral, my skin tone seems to go well with a mixture of colours, and pink may come out a little harsh against my skin tone compared to coral. 

4. If you had £1000 to spend, would you rather buy clothes or make-up?

We all know that I seem to have a some what obsession with clothes, so the answer is completely obvious. On a ratio, I'd probably spend about £700 on clothes and the other £300 on make-up.

5. Would you rather apply lipstick as eye-liner, or eye-liner as lipstick?

I'd probably choose eye-liner as lipstick, as most of my lipsticks tend to be bright red or neon pink... not sure that'd look too good on my blue eyes or not... thoughts?

6. Would you rather only shop at MAC or Sephora?

Umm, well I've only been to Sephora once and that was the one in Times Square, New York, and I've never used MAC products either.

7. Would you rather only use one eye-shadow colour or one lip colour for the rest of your life?

I'd probably just use one lip colour for the rest of my life, and that would be my Maybelline Super Stay 24 hour Lip Colour in Red passion! Red lips are the best thing to finish and complete an outfit!

8. Would you rather wear winter clothes in summer or summer clothes in winter?

To be perfectly honest with you, I do in fact wear some of my summer clothes in the winter! I genuinely wear my summer skirts and dresses in the winter just adding tights to keep my legs warm! I don't tend to have many winter clothes and if I do, they are genuinely just jumpers to go over a top or something!

9. Would you rather wear dark nails or bright nails all year round?

I love to have bold and bright nails, bright pinks, reds, purples and all sorts, so I'd definitely choose bright nails! I love my bright Mavala nail polishes, as they don't tend to chip too easily and the pigment of them are just fantastic!

10. Would you rather give up your favourite lip product or your favourite eye product?

I'd prefer to sacrifice my favourite lip product amazingly enough! I never tend to wear lipstick without my Soap and Glory 'Supercat' Eyeliner, so I'd definitely give up my lipstick rather then my eye-liner!

11. Would you rather only be able to wear your hair in a pony tail or a messy bun?

I think messy bun, I tend to wear my hair in a messy bun more then I do a pony tail nowadays. I find it easier and it just gives that 'rush and ready' look!

12. Would your rather never be able to paint your nails again or never use lip gloss? 

I'd love to not keep painting my nails, I rarely use lip gloss as I prefer lipsticks the matte stay of lipsticks I prefer to gloss as it rubs and comes off much easier. So I'd probably say never use lip gloss!

13. Would you rather shave your eyebrows and have none at all or sharpie them in everyday? 

I'd rather shave off my eyebrows and have none at all! I never highlight my eyebrows anyway, but it just saves plucking them all the time to keep them neat. 

14. Would you rather live without makeup or nail polish?

I'd rather live without nail polish, I tend to use make-up more then nail polish anyway, and it'd be easier to not keep painting my nails anyway!

As I said above, pretty please have a look at Stephanie's blog, its so lovely! My next blog post will about my new nautical Betty Boop pyjamas, which are so super adorable! Lets hope I feel better soon!

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

OOTW: Pretty in Pink!

Who enjoyed the fantastic bank holiday weather we had? I most certainly did! Just to clear things up, I actually took these photos yesterday before going to perform yesterday afternoon, and I am absolutely in love with my new outfit and dress!

Pink Polka Dot Hetty dress, Lindy Bop - £29.99

Black Belt, New Look - £4.99

Pink Record & Music Clef Necklace, Bow and Crossbones - £4.50

Gold Jewel Kitten Heels, New Look - £5 (last pair in Sale)

Pink Glitter Bow, Beauxoxo - £5

Sock Bun, Peacocks - £1

I hope you like this look! I adore dresses with the full circle skirts, you can wear these with or without a petticoat! I love this dress while wearing the petticoat as it just gives that extra 'wow' to the outfit! I also added the Glitter bow for a bit of sparkle to this outfit! For my make-up, I just have a simple thin winged eye liner and I used my pink Barry M Lipstick! I bought the Lindy Bop 'Hetty' rockabilly dress from the LB's Amazon store, and I must say this is made of the most perfect material if its a hot day, I find the dress is quite light and not too heavy, and the polka dots are just so super adorable!

Loads of Love!

Emma Victoria


Monday, 27 May 2013

Weekly Overview!

Seeing as its the bank holiday, I thought I'd do another blog post for you all! I also thought that now I've started doing my weekly OOTW (every Tuesday!) I thought that I'd add another little personal segment so you can keep up with my personal life a bit as well! I will probably post my 'Weekly Overview on a Sunday  looking forward to the week I have ahead of me!

Today: First of all, I am up super early to go and cut the lawn, seeing as I have hay fever  and no one else in my house will cut the lawn, I cut the lawn early as the pollen count is lower *sigh* the happy life of a hay fever sufferer aye? After that, I have to get all my gear together as I'm performing with my lovely friend at a small vintage fair in the next village to were I live! I am super excited for this little afternoon set as my friend is so talented on the guitar and piano and her voice is magical compared to mine! Pimms anyone?

Tuesday: I get a lay in! Yes! First of all need to pick up everyone's prescription from the pharmacy and then I have to get ready for work! I am working from 11am - 2pm! Once finished, I will probably come home, quickly do my OOTW and then rush off to rehearsal's with my lovely boys in my band, and do some more song writing! 

Wednesday: Again I am working, full day today so not much exciting going on from 8am - 4pm, however seeing me through the day is knowing that I get to go home to watch TV in bed, and have my movie night! 

Thursday: Today I am off to go and do the food shopping, and do the cleaning in the house! The amount of chores I end up doing in my house I sometimes wonder how I end up having any spare time at all! I work in the afternoon in the multi-sensory department so I only work from 1pm - 4pm, which is nice but also makes me sleepy! Recently I have been going for a meal with my colleague Esther after work, and then coming home to snuggle in bed!

Friday: Relaxing day! Today is the day I tend to do, well, nothing. I have managed to get everything in the week that I can finally relax... But wait. I have to do song writing, and I also have my singing lesson's on a Friday afternoon... Oh jeez. Once everything is done, I can finally relax, and watch a movie in bed, snuggle up and go to sleep!

Saturday: Saturday's tend to be spontaneous, often depending on weather and what's going on... However this is the weekend I work... I work every other weekend, and this weekend is my rota week. On Saturdays at work we tend to take the children out on a trip, which is always really nice, to get out and have fun while working!

So, that's this week rounded up... See you next Sunday for my Weekly Overview!!

Much Love

Emma Victoria


Sunday, 26 May 2013

Scaffold/Industrial Bar Piercing!

Today I was asked about how I care for my piercings and how long I've had them and how long they took to heal... I don't have a tonne of piercings, and I don't have any tattoo's (yet)...
Shh don't tell anyone this is my one of my
AS Final Photography photos!

So lets start with my lobe piercings! I have 2 lobe piercings, which I love very much and have a lot of fun with different pairings of earrings! 

My bottom lobe (the pink earring) I got when I was 7, and I have never ever had any infections with them!! I got mine done at a local hairdresser/piercing salon, and got them done for £10. I had gold studs at first, and I only kept them in for 6 weeks instead of 12, however my ears healed super early! When I first got these done I used tap water in a cup using the cotton q-tips and turned them every day to avoid any crusty stuff round my ears as they healed! At 6 weeks I changed my studs, and since I have never had a problem! 

Now onto my second lobe (the blue earring), I have had the opposite of what I had with my first lobe! Getting these done was absolutely hellish. I got these when I was in year 7 at school so I was about 11 years old. I went to my local hairdressers, and she said she would do them for me, relatively cheap, so she should me all the proper things, like her certificate to pierce etc. And everything was fine, got my ear's pierced, but this time, instead of after a couple of hours of my ears feeling hot and then cooling down and just being a bit sore, I had them sore and my earrings relatively hot for about a week, so I went down the doctors, and quoting my lovely doctor, "there is a good chance your ear is infected cause the piercing gun or earrings weren't sterilised or cleaned properly". I do occasionally still get infections in my 2nd lobes, but they are generally pretty good now, seeing as I clean them with a product I import from America called H2Ocean - I absolutely swear by this stuff! It has done magic on my ears!

Now onto my scaffold/industrial bar; I have wanted this piercing for absolutely years! Since I was about 12, however I finally got this done in February 2012 with my friends in Eastbourne! It took just under a year for mine to heal, I was told to leave my bar the same for 6 months and then change it, however, me being super impatient I changed it after 2 and a half months, and it was fine until it got infected. I became hot and sore to touch, so me being the person constantly reluctant to visit the doctors, I actually used my H2Ocean spray, which worked WONDERS! My infection cleared after a week and I've never had a problem since with it! I now change my bars all the time, and my corkscrew bar (the one in the picture) has to be my favourite!

I buy my studs from all sorts of place such as Claire's, Primark, New Look, shops online etc! And I buy a lot of my scaffold barbells either online or a piercing shop called Tizz's in Lewes, which is near Brighton! I bought my H2Ocean spray from Amazon for £9.99, which you can buy here. I still use my H2Ocean spray just to keep my ears and earrings sterile and clean!

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

OOTW: Retro & Relaxed

Okay so this weeks Outfit of the Week is called 'retro and relaxed'. I kinda gave it this name cause I have been super busy this weekend, as I've now gone back to work and I've been busy running errands that a dress just isn't suitable, especially in this (beautiful?) weather in the UK! (Yes, I am talking about the rain... *sigh*).

Red Rockabilly Paisley Bandana - Collectif  £2.50

Freddie Knitted Top (Candy Pink) - Collectif £34.50

Black Treggings - Peacocks £10

Pink Spot Messenger Bag - Anladia £16

Chunky Black Heels - Clarks £49.99

I have just done some simple retro make-up, using a pencil eyeliner instead of my liquid liner as I'm in a hurry in the morning! I love my Super Stay 24 hour lipstick as it lasts all day so I don't have to keep touching up! I have done basic winged eyeliner over the top of some natural shade of eyeshadow!

Love & Wishes to you all!

Emma Victoria


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Summer Shopping Haul!!

I promised you I'd do a haul! And here it is!! I have been super busy lately with party planning, building furniture for my room and work, that I have had to do all my shopping on-line. Never the less all the things I have bought are absolutely beautiful, and I have my mum to thank for introducing me to SimplyBe. 
Okay, so first of all, SimplyBe is a clothing company that caters for the non size 0 people of the community like myself! (They sell from sizes 14-32!) I am in fact Size 14-16 in SimplyBe (size 16 depending on the cut of the clothing around my bust area!).

So lets start with the beautiful clothes I bought! All the clothes this haul are from SimplyBe as mentioned above! I absolutely loved the Joe Brown range, it was so retro, and I just had to buy something! So lets start with my new denim gilet!

I absolutely adore this waistcoat/gilet! Its the perfect accessory to any outfit, whether its a dress or a pair of short/trousers and a cute tee! 
On the image on the left you can see the frayed detail on the arm hole. The colour of this jacket is a denim wash, and its the comfiest denim gilet in the world! This item is perfect if you are trying to achieve a rock chic/festival sort of look! This is even more perfect if you have  problems with finding these jackets to fit over your bust, this has a stretchy material so it is easy to fit over your chest and to button this up! You can wear this unbuttoned or buttoned up and you will achieve the perfect rock chic look! You can buy this for a nice round price of £30, this gilet will last you a while and it wont be part of the 5 minute fashion fad!

The next item is the Joe Browns Legacy Print Dress, now this item didn't actually look how I expected it to look when it arrived; in the catalogue it showed a pale purple (like the image on the right) but when the dress arrived it was a much more deep purple, however I was still very much in love with this dress! This has a sweetheart neckline which gives you a lovely cleavage, this dress also has a ruched area on the bust by the neckline, which also has buttons (however these cannot be undone). this dress pulls in at the waist perfectly, giving you a stunning figure. The skirt on this dress has a dipped hem, and is perfect to wear with a white flowy cardigan and a pair of wedges for a cute summer look. At the back of the dress, it also has a ruched area on the back, to pull in the dress to extend your stunning curvy figure! I bought the legacy print dress for £38.

The next item is the gorgeous Joe Browns Meadow Swing Dress, this out of all the items has to be my favourite!! I am a sucker for floral swing dresses, and if I could afford every single one I probably would buy them all, sadly I am not that rich... yet! Moving on, this dress has a mustard yellow sort of colour in person but always comes out brighter in pictures! The flowers on this are different shades or pinks and the green is a deep green. This dress is a dream to wear, it has a small slip skirt underneath the material, so another extra little bonus there! There is no zips or buttons on this dress and it has a stretchy waist so if you have any concerns about the dress fitting, may your worries be taken away! I bought this beautiful dress for £45 but it is worth every single penny, the quality of the dress is amazing, and this product washes really well, and also super easy to iron as well, just needing a quick press on the skirt!

The last clothing item I bought was this lovely floral 'Pick of the Season' tunic dress. You can wear this as a casual sort of dress or for a special occasion  it fits lovely to your figure, pulling in at the waist. This dress has a scoop neckline, and is made of a light material so its perfect for hot weather! (Not like we get much hot weather in the UK!) You can buy this dress in Red or French Blue. I bought this little beauty for £38 and I adore wearing this little number with a cardigan and some cute little flat pumps!

Now onto the accessories bit! This is always my favourite bit, adding to an outfit! So lets begin with the lovely pair of cat eye sunglasses I bought from the kitsch Bow and Crossbones...

I bought these lovely 'Trixie Pin-Up Rounded Cats' Eye' Sunglasses for a lovely £8. I bought these in white, because I already have a black pair of Cats Eye sunglasses. This pair are super sturdy and are the perfect accessory for the sun or to just prop on your head to finish off a hair do! The lenses are a deep shade or black/purple and work really well with all my Swing Dress'! 

The next is this lovely mini Tote Bag (Woodland), again from Bow and Crossbones; I bought this in the clearance sale. I bought this for £1.50. I like to call this my mini Bambi Bag! I love the design on this and the handles are really sturdy when carrying small but heavy items. With all my babysitting duties lately, I have had to work with a pram and a 3 year old to go shopping, and yes its not easy! But I always get the little 3 year old involved in shopping but getting her to put things in her bag, and when we get to the checkout we empty out and see what she's got! Such a fun little game, and a handy little tote bag! Highly recommend this little bag, cheap, cheerful and super retro!

These are my new favourite shoes! You would've have seen these in my OOTW this week! I bought these amazingly comfy and stylish summer wedges for £18! I never tend to buy shoes from shops such as New Look, Peacocks etc because I like to buy my shoes from the shoe shops! However, these are an absolute exception, I've been looking for a pair of black wedges for a while as my white pair don't tend to go with all my outfits! I was a bit dubious with the height of these as I like low heels instead of higher ones, but these are so comfy! I can wear these for hours and have no pain in my feet at all! These are very much styled like flatforms except with a super small arch! So easy to walk in, and this is someone who walks in small heels instead of high ones! The black material is made of suede and has a cap for your heel at the back and an ankle strap to make sure they stay on your foot, especially if you go and do some dancing! 

I bought these lovely photo frames from a lovely little shop in my local town called 'Emma Louise' now she sells Sass & Belle products, which these are, in that shop I paid £5.95 each, but you can buy these Oval Portrait Picture frames for £4.95 each from the Sass & Belle website! I didn't mind paying that little extra cause the lady in the shop is the absolute sweetest woman in the world! I have pictures of me and my 2 friends who mean a lot to me in these frames on my windowsill! 

I also bought this lovely little Cream Rose Heart Wreath, which is also from Sass & Belle. I bought this for £3.95 from Emma Louise, but you can buy this also from the Sass & Belle Website for £4.95. This so cute and sweet!

The last item I bought was this retro 'Make Chocolate Cake, Not War' coaster for my bedroom, I'm going to buy one of these each month for my room, as they have a selection of many different ones! I fell in love with this one, because lately I have been doing so much baking of cakes and breads and all that, that I thought this would be perfect! I love the colour and the simplicity of this lovely little retro coaster, and for only a £1 from Bow and Crossbones

So that rounds up my huge haul which I've been promising you for a while! I shall hopefully be blogging more and I have some new ideas to blog you with! Hope you enjoyed this post, sorry its a tad long!

Much Love & Well Wishes

Emma Victoria


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

OOTW: Meal with Friends

I have decided that each week I will do one OOTW. So, tonight's is a super quick one as I'm just about to head out with my friends for a meal! So here goes..

White Cat Eye Sunglasses - Bow & Crossbones £8
Frilly White Top - Charity Shop £5 
Stone Boyfriend Cardigan - New Look £10
Black Leggings - New Look £6
Black High Wedges - Peacocks - £18

This is just a casual simple look for a meal with some friends, nothing special but nothing too fancy!

Emma Victoria

Advice For The Complicated Mind...

Now, many of you know that my blog is not just about my fashion and my beauty, but also a lot to do with my personal life, which I have shared very openly with you. Recently, I have been so confused with my emotions over so many things that have happened recently, some of which you know and some which you don't, but this will explain everything, but also complicate it some more...

To begin, many of you know, I have a complicated relationship/emotional status at the moment, last night this just got worse. This boy, who I've admired for months, whom I've told you about, we are just friends, but I honestly don't know what to do with myself anymore, I sometimes feel like giving up with my own emotions, I never know what to do, what to say, and I never want to make anything awkward... Now lets complicate what you just read; this boy probably doesn't even know how I feel, (typical teen romance saga I know, but just hear me out!) He probably just thinks I'm that friend who is just always super caring and there for everyone, but he is an exception, I'd do anything for him to be happy or to make him smile, and I'd be lost without him. If you know me outside of my blog, you may know or see me as the loud, happy, bubbly , excited girl who wants everyone to be happy and the girl who gets on with everyone, but when it comes to a guy I like, I become really shy and sheltered, I never want to talk about how sad I'm feeling or if there is something wrong, I always bottle my problems up and lock them in the cupboard. Now to complicate things even more, my ex-boyfriend who moved to New Zealand, emailed me last night. I honestly was not expecting this to happen or for him to even contact me ever again, a small paraphrase which I will share to you from the email- "I'm sorry we ended things the way we did, I feel like such a t**t for doing that to you. You are a wonderful girl and deserve a lot" knowing he still cared about me, even being 11,000 miles away broke and tore my heart and emotions into two. So what do I do now?Carry on as normal and pretend nothing happened, don't reply to the email, don't tell the other lad I love him? Or do I reply, tell the other lad, but wont that just complicate everything more?

Three months ago, my best friend Carly committed suicide; we were really close and we would talk about everything and anything, she was like my personal Jeremy Kyle when something was wrong and I needed help, and I could only ever thank her for what she did for me, but now I feel so lost what to do without her help and advice...

So here is when I come to you, my lovely bloggers and followers, what would you do about this situation if it was you? Would you get in touch with the ex and tell the boy you like him, or don't say anything and pretend everything is okay?

I'd love to hear your response and what you think about it all, and what you'd do!
For now, as I sit here in my room, staring out my windows at the bleak rain drops on my windows, listening to 'Heartache' by the Top Cats, I shall leave you, to carry on completing my summer shopping haul blog for you.

Much Love

Emma Victoria


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

What's That Smell?!

Good Day my fellow beauties! How are we all?! I hope you are feeling fantastic! 
Today I thought I would share with you all my favourite fragrances which I own!

Yes, I have to admit I am one of them ladies who prefers the Eau de Parfum (EDP) to the Eau de Toilette (EDT), this meaning that the EDP is dearer then the EDT; which for little old me who can't always afford EDP I usually savour each bottle of perfume I buy! 

Lets have a look at some of my favourite body spray fragrance's first!

1. Okay, so I am an absolute sucker for Soap & Glory Products; and these body sprays are absolutely no exception! I tend to wear the 'Mist You Madly' (Pink) most days when I am going out shopping, to work etc. On the packaging bottle it says "A flirty floral fragrant body spray" which it most definitely is! The scent of this body spray is to die for and I always find pairing this with a floral dress always gives you a girly and beautiful feel about yourself which can always lighten and brighten your mood if you are feeling a little low!  The next is the 'Glam-A-Lot' (purple) spray, this is described as "Soft and Sexy Fragrant Body Spray", this spray I tend to wear if I am going on a date or seeing a guy I particularly like; it has a musky tone to this spray, and tends to work like a perfume to me! The scent lasts for absolutely ages, I tend to spray some on my clothes as well as my body, and the scent will still be there the next morning! I think this one definitely lives up to 'soft and sexy'! The last one of these 3 is the 'Girligo' which is a moistursing body mist, I tend to put this on after I have had a shower or if I am feeling a little low or tired I put this on just before going to bed as this just helps to give your skin a soft feel and lovely smell! I find that this body mist has a floral undertone as well as one which makes you feel refreshed and revived! 

2. The next body sprays I'll be looking at are the Impulse body sprays; I tend to have one of these in my handbag or in the car for an emergency freshen up (Example - On a long car journey and about to pop into the services or just getting to the hotel/relatives house)! I tend to stick to the same 2 of the Impulse range; the first being the 'Into Glamour' Spray; I find that this spray is quite a floral and citrus scented spray which I find is always perfect for summer or a night out! This spray is quite strong so you never need to use too much and I find that any of the Impulse sprays seem to last for a lot longer then you'd probably think! The next spray is the 'Tease' spray which smells quite exotic and fruity compared to the 'Into Glamour'spray. The fruity scent to this spray is just so yummy and I absolutely adore it! You can find these little sprays anywhere on the high street if you are in desperate need to freshen up and make yourself have a beautiful scent!!

Okay so now moving onto Perfumes, sadly which I am slowly running out/finished some of these and then need to re-purchase them!

1. Paco Rabanne 'Black XS' EDT - I adored the smell and aroma of this perfume, it was  musky and just had a beautiful dark sort of smell to it! It was such a 'sexy' and 'sassy' sort of perfume, which I could just not stop wearing every single day! It was all thanks to my friend Beth from college who actually introduced me to this perfume as I asked her what she was wearing one day and said this! This small bottle of EDT usually lasted me around 2 months (if used sparingly) but if I used a lot it used to only last a month and a half! The smell always seem to last all day instead of being really beautiful for about 2-3 hours and the smell fading, I could put this on at around 6am and still have the same aroma at around 7pm when I'm home from work and college! 

2. Dolce & Gabbana 'The One' EDP - Lets start with the fact that I love this perfume and I seriously cannot get enough of wearing it! However, the sad part is I cannot actually afford to keep buying it to wear it all the time! I have probably bought this about 3 times already in the box set with the body lotion, (which for the sake of it, also smells amazingly gorgeous, and my ex-boyfriend even commented on how beautiful the smell of it was!) I generally buy my perfume from either The Perfume Shop (if I can get there) or from Boots in my local town for about £50, (including the lotion). The smell of this perfume is just so devine, it has a warm sort of smell to it and not too over-powering like it would knock your nose for six! It has floral tones which gives a fantastic smell if you like wearing a lot of floral dresses and items of clothing like myself! I find this perfume is great for either going down the road with the girls or going out for a meal with that special guy! Perfection in a perfume!

To be quite honest with you, perfume wise, I haven't ventured much out of my comfort zone or from what I know and what I like... I always used to wear body sprays but over the past year I've been wearing perfume more, as it lasts longer and the smell lasts longer then body sprays! When I purchase or look at any more I shall notify you lovely lot, but until then this rounds up the 'smelly' blog! I hope you liked it! Short and Sweet... Like me! Except not sweet? Hmm.. 

I'd love if you could check out my lovely friend Stephanie's post about her favourite Spring Scents - its so sweet!

Much Love and Many Wishes

Emma Victoria