Sunday, 9 June 2013

Weekly Overview - 9th June

As I write this I am on my way to Southampton for a gig tonight! Last night I was at speedway with my lovely best friend  in Eastbourne! (Picture on the left, me and Charlie). I also want to apologise for not posting on Friday  I got so weighed down and busy I forgot to post!!

Today: I am in Southampton with my lovely band for a last minute gig we were asked to do! I am currently sat in my tracky bottoms, hair in a bun and my big fluffy jumper (really attractive I know!). Tonight we will travel back, hopefully there will be less traffic on the road so we will get back quicker! 

Monday: I have college from 10.40-3.20, so I get a lay in, and then once I've finished I go straight to work for a night shift, where I finish at 5am Tuesday morning... 

Tuesday: I have off college!! So I will probably just end up sleeping until about 11am and then I will do my weekly OOTW, and then going to my band members house to get some songs finalised and get some music put to the lyrics!

Wednesday: I AM UP AT 5AM FOR COLLEGE! Cause I live in such an annoying area, transport isn't great so I have to leave by 6.20 in the morning... However, I finish college at 10.20 so when I get home at 12, I can have lunch and then go to singing rehearsal where I have to get my voice back into good shape again!

Thursday: I have college from 1040-12 so after I will go for lunch with my friend who helps me do some outfit designs and shopping!! Then I am working from 3-8.30 doing the after school clubs! 

Friday: I have college from 10.40-3.20 again, so after I will just go home and rest before Saturday!

Saturday: I have a driving lesson from 9.30-11.30, and then I am going to an open mic night with my friend Josephine who plays guitar and piano!

I know these next 2 weeks will be rather dull as I'm back at college for transition before going back in September, however, if we don't work hard, we can't play hard!!

Much love

Emma Victoria