Sunday, 2 June 2013

Weekly Overview (June 2nd)!

Since I fell ill this week, I had to cut my hours down at work as I have to be super careful with the children I work with. So instead I ended up doing a photoshoot with my lovely friend Eddie for his recent project. Since it was half term though, I got paid extra to work so I am still okay financially (for now!). So, whats for the week to come? 

Today: With having some serious throat strain earlier this week, my band and myself have arranged a day of just rehearsing our new songs and just a little jam. However, we are also going for a 'band outing' to the garden centre to have a little nosy! After I'll probably just come home and relax and look at updating my Sky TV Subscription in my room *sigh*.

Monday: Today I am at work again, I have lots of appointments in the clinic department of my work so I will be drinking a lot of coffee and seeing a lot of students with their parents and carers! I have 3 annual reviews today, and I also have to help with my own brothers botox injections in his legs (oh fun). I finish work at 2 and get to come home and cook my dinner and relax in my room again, and maybe do some browsing on some blogs! (Don't forget to leave your links below in the comments so I can have a look at yours!)

Tuesday: Another morning spent at work working in the clinic again (its that time of year!) However I finish at 11.30! This is my last week before going back to college where my hours will drop again and I will be working weekends and nights a lot more! After I get home I will do some blogging, before going to my singing lesson to try and sort my voice/throat out again! 

Wednesday: I am working in the multi-sensory room again today, until 12.30 but then I will be meeting some royalty who are paying a visit to my work! I will be meeting alongside with the colleagues and students at my work, the Duchess of Gloucester (Patron of the school) and the Duchess of Cornwall! (How exciting!!!). After, I will probably come home, and cut the lawn and ring Sky up before doing some singing practice at home and then going to band practice! 

Thursday: I get a lay in!! ... Well until 9.30 and then I have to go to work for 3 o'clock till 7 and then I will go out for a meal with my colleague Esther and then come home and watch Psychobitches on Sky Arts!

Friday: Day off to get things ready for college again! Today I will be spending my day in my room songwriting, bag sorting and sorting out lots of blog posts and stuff for you all! Ah gosh! 

Saturday: Thankfully I am only on-call this weekend but there is still a good chance I can get some rest! Hopefully, this Saturday I will be helping my family with things to do round the house and hopefully I will be going to speedway with my good friend Charlie! Lets hope I don't get called off to work!

See you next week for my next weekly update! I doubt it will be as interesting as I go back to college however I will try and get some fun things to do in!!


Emma Victoria