Tuesday, 2 July 2013

OOTW; Biker Girl

Good day to you all! Its another one of those weeks where my emotions want to play a game with me, and I'm feeling so crappy, so I thought I'd dress nicely to make me feel a bit better! Yesterday, I went to Eastbourne to do shopping with my boyfriend and my mum. I decided to go for a bit of a biker girl look, seeing as my boyfriend loves motorbikes and cars (he's a greaser boy by the way!) I thought I'd rock a different look to my girly style.

I'm pulling a really weird face today!

Red Paisley Rockabilly Bandana, Collectif - £2.50

Leopard Print Dress, Peacocks - £12 (includes a black belt)

Black Military Style Boot, Amazon - £17.95

Recently, I've been painting my nails a lot, just so that they look pretty! This week I thought I would try having white nails, as I've never had them white before! For the white I used Mavala nail polish in the shade 'Geneve' and for the blue part of my nail I used Mavala again for the base in shade 'Lagoon' which is a pale blue and just to add a bit of glitz I used the Barry M glitter polish in shade 'Aqua'.

I now have to go to my singing lesson with my Double Bassist and co-Singer in my band today (2 hours of singing, how enjoyable... - please understand my sarcastic tone) and then to come home and have a detox dinner... I need to start eating healthy again and going back down the gym more regularly! Any one have any easy tips?

Much Love

Emma Victoria


P.S I will also be doing the July Photo Challenge on my Instagram, so make sure you give me a follow and watch out every day for a post! I also forgot to say in my weekly overview this week that I have a gig on Friday, where we are supporting another Rockabilly band (The Rock-a-Limits) however all the tickets are currently sold out and we cannot say if there is any more being issued!