Thursday, 11 July 2013

Quick Picture Post!

Seeing that my family have a tradition of always bringing the baby pictures out at birthday's, I thought I'd share some baby pictures of me when I was younger with you! 

You can see by the pictures a smell fraction of my childhood, which comes to an end tomorrow. The first picture is off me at around 1-2 years old wearing a Blackpool FC shirt and hat with a skater skirt (Yup, I had real fashion back in them days!), the second picture, I'm 2, just going on 3, as this was before my brother was born, I am in fact crying in this picture (someone didn't have a nap that day...). The third picture is of me at my Aunt's house playing the piano, I was around 5 at this time, and thought that my artistic ability would flourish playing the piano while wearing roller blades... The fourth picture is me at my 6th birthday with a cake (we still taunt my mum with this cake), it was in fact meant to be a fairy, however we joke my mum call it the 'slutty fairy' as my mum did the make-up a little too heavy on the fairy's face! The fifth picture is of me back in around Year 3 at school, and typically at the Christmas plays, I was an angel, anyone can guess why... Cause of how blonde my hair was (and obviously because I looked so angelic).

Well I hope you enjoyed these few photos!

I will be doing a photo post of my day tomorrow, so watch out for that!!

Billions of Love

Emma Victoria