Sunday, 14 July 2013

Weekly Update; 14th July

In my new Lindy Bop 'Elmira'
wiggle dress
Good sunny and hot day to you! I just looked at my thermometer and its 34.3'c outside right now! Wow! Well as you know, it was my 18th birthday on Friday  and I have a picture post I have yet to upload to you, but I am also planning on doing a birthday haul video... Yes I am finally getting round to doing a video! I also had a suggestion from my lovely friend Stephanie from Stephanie Maverick to do a look book on all my rockabilly dresses! Which I thought was a fab idea, so I will also be doing that this week too at some point!

Today just consists of sitting around and relaxing, I am still slightly recovering from last night (it was good, but also very horrendous at the same time). I have also ended up buying a new Lindy Bop Dress (see below) - this dress was actually released on my birthday, it was meant to be! I also had to throw out my old petticoat yesterday because it has gone all flat and horrible and the material is ripped, so I've had to buy a new petticoat and also bought a load of hair flowers too!

The 'Carola' Lindy Bop
Halter Dress
Monday I've no idea what I have planned today, its probably nothing much apart from doing lots of paperwork and tidying the house. I'm also going to take down my birthday decorations and just sort my room out! I also need to put some money in my bank to buy a CD (Top Cats -Smashing to the Ground to be precise). 

Tuesday I have boring old work and band practice. Work is from 9am-2pm and I have band practice from 4-6.30 then I have to come home and cook my dinner and go for a run with my dog!

Wednesday I'm at work as I have a meeting with my boss and I need to help start decorating the school for celebration day. My boss who is the headteacher of the school I work at, also does photography, just like me, so I'm going to help him set up the studio for photos on Friday!

Thursday I'm at... wait for it... Work. Whenever it gets near the end of term my hours at work tend to be spent more at work then at home, and I seem to get less sleep. I also have a spinal clinic appointment which tends to take around an hour and also a 6 month review... Oh yay! I then have to come home and go back to work to do scouts with my brother as they are short staffed this week, and need help sorting out lots of things for the jamboree in August!

Friday I have celebration day all day at my work, which means all the parents and carers come into the school and we have certificates and awards to give out in all the different departments, afterwards we have a fun afternoon with the photographic studio, music, games, ice cream van, picnic, farm animals, all sorts! My mum will more then likely want my brother and me to have pictures taken together, and its the one time I can really dress up at work instead of wearing no make-up and plain boring clothes! 

Saturday I've no idea what I'm doing, but I might go out if I can find someone to go with me! Oh the joys of being a year older!

Well its a pretty busy week at work, but hey, not long till the Summer and I'm off for 5 weeks before going back to college and work!!

Don't forget to keep an eye out on my Youtube and for my first lookbook post!

Much Love

Emma Victoria