Friday, 30 August 2013

Beauxoxo Runner-Up Giveaway Bag! (I Also Need Your Help!)

Good day my absolute lovelies! If I hadn't already mentioned, I entered the Beauxoxo Giveaway on Facebook and ended up being one of the runner-ups! (Which for me is a huge achievement as I don't tend to win that much!) So I thought I would share with you all what I received in my little bag! I'm actually really chuffed with what I got as well, there is always that risk of getting something you don't like, however I haven't found that with this and I love everything inside!

Lets start with the picture on the right, these are all the accessories I received! The first one is a large bow from Beauxoxo itself, I've been questioning myself whether to get one or not and when getting one in this little bag it has definitely swayed me to wanting to get more! I love the mixture of different colours on this bow as its super easy to pair up with a few outfits! This is a thin crocodile clip on the back and sits really nicely in your hair! Because my hair always has a super shine to it, bows tend to slip out a bit so I just like to secure then with another clip or wear them while my hair is tied up! This would look perfect paired up with a sock bun near the top of your head, as its a very cutesy sort of look! 

The next accessory is this beautiful Glitter Bottle Necklace from Megan Jane Jewellery. I absolutely adore this colour blue in this necklace! It is stunning and super gorgeous! This pairs up amazingly with my Classy Bella Dress in Turquoise from Lindy Bop! I also super love that this has a gold chain on it, instead of a silver chain! I do find a lot of products has simple thin chain's making just the charm on the necklace the only focus! However, I like the loops on this chain as they aren't too small and just add to this beautiful little piece!

The next gorgeous little accessory is this gorgeously cute brooch from 'Love From Hetty & Dave'. This is so super adorable, and I may just purchase a few more of their products! This cute little Ice Cream Brooch is made from leather and the ice cream sewn on to it! I love that it is in a rosette shape, just makes me love it even more! Its also really easy to pair with a few of my dresses which come to mind straight away with the use of the 3 different colours making it super versatile to match things up! 

The last accessory I got was this gorgeously adorable Cat nap ring from I Love Crafty - this is so super cute, and I like wearing this on my little finger, just cause it looks soooo cute! (My nails are also painted in Strawberry Ice Cream Shade by Barry M). 

The last 2 items I got in my goodie bag is the 2 beauty products - the first is the Steam Cream 'Freshely Handmade Moisturiser' this can be used on your face, body and hands! This smells so super divine, and feels amazing! I might go and purchase some more of the products in the very near future! (You can find out the process of how they make this moisturiser with Steam on their website here). The next product is this beautiful Macaroon Bath Melt in Coral Bay from Miss Patissrie. I super duper LOVE that this has a petal on top, and it combines my 2 favourite things - bathroom smellies and baking into one! I will definitely be having a bath to try this gorgeous little thing out!

Any who my dears! That's all from me today! I will see you all on Sunday for my weekly overview! I also have 2 things in mind but not sure whether to pursue in them or not... The first being should I create a Facebook Page for my blog? It may help to bring more people to my blog? What do you think? The second being should I do a body confidence post on being a plus size blogger, how I feel about the fashion 'restrictions' and how I cope within it, shedding light on how you can make yourself more confident? I feel at the moment maybe my content is a little bland and needs spicing up a little more so if you have any suggestions at all I'd be super thankful!

Tonnes of Love & Hugs!

Emma Victoria


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

OOTW; Pretty Polka-Dots!

I know this is slightly cheeky but I'm using one of the pictures from my photo shoot yesterday as I really love this new outfit! I also wore this dress on my outing to Hastings today and got tonnes of compliments saying its an elegant and lovely dress!

White Dolores Doll Dress Polka, Collectif - £50.00

Waist Belt, New Look - £10

Pink Oil Cloth Messenger Bag, Anladia - £18.37 (18.99€)

Marilyn Cat Eye Sunglasses, Wear It Again Sam - £10 (same here)

Cherry Enamel Necklace, Bow and Crossbones - £4.99

Bow Headband, New Look - £5

Butterfly Clip, Beauxoxo - (Free with Order)

Patent Alpine Clover Heels, Clarks - £39.99

Instead of doing my normal thin winged eyeliner, I had my eye-liner done in thick wings, and I actually super liked this look! It was also much easier to achieve then doing thin winged eye-liner generally because the amount you apply on is on a much bigger surface! I'm also wearing my Barry M red lipstick which I got for my birthday (this also has amazing coverage as its cover up the cold-saw on my cupids bow on my lips... Ouch!) 

I hope you liked this look! I will also be featuring my other new dress next week which is a the Classy Bella Lindy Bop Dress in Turquoise, which I will also be purchasing in Raspberry!

Much love

Emma Victoria


Sunday, 25 August 2013

I'm Back! - Weekly Overview; 25th August!

Good Evening my Lovelies! I am back from a weeks break of blogging (which I well and truly needed!). I'm amazingly watching the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashains' on E!... I don't really enjoy reality TV, but this is slightly comical and relaxing! I know my post is a little late tonight (sorry!) I've had a hectic, busy day! 

Yes - I met Daniel Radcliffe
while in London!!

Today I spent doing lots of bits and bobs around the house and out, I've also completed the adoption forms, yes adoption forms (not what you are thinking... Reel that thought in!!!) because, I am hopefully adopting another Labrador to be a brother/sister to my lovely yellow Lab Freddie! 

Monday I am attending a private wedding fair, which was meant to happen on Saturday but was postponed to Monday instead. And again, reel the thought that you currently have in, I am most certainly not getting married (I haven't found a man even the slightest bit interested in little old me yet!). But I am, however, modelling wedding dresses! I am so super excited at doing this, its like a dream to wear a wedding dress but not actually get married! (At least if I never get married I would've tried on a wedding dress!) 

Tuesday I am not doing much at all (thankfully) I need a little rest, plus I need to sort out my best friends birthday present (hopefully all the bits arrive in time!!) its just a day of relaxing doing paperwork (my OOTW!) and sorting out all my dresses in my wardrobe!! 

Wednesday My dad is still off from work as he took an extra 2 days off after the bank holiday, so it may be a day of going out on a family trip (I really enjoy car trips, driving around Sussex and Kent, just because its so super fun and beautiful out in the Country where I live!) 

Thursday My best friend and me are going to the Cinema for a little birthday treat and we also have to organise a night out for a meal at some point, but first we need to decide what film to go and see!

Friday I have all sorts planned, I have lots of things to organise for going back to college, research work, and also tonnes of modelling things to sort out!! (I have also uploaded some pictures to the Photo Shop, so for those interested in modelling photos, drop me an email and I can get them printed and signed!) 

Saturday I like being spontaneous so I haven't got anything planned what-so-ever! Just have to wait and see what comes!

UPDATES This week I met Daniel Radcliffe while in London, and I also was a runner up in the Beauxoxo Giveaway! I will be getting a goody bag from Beauxoxo, which I will post up on here for my Wednesday or Friday post! So also look out for that!!

Much Love

Emma Victoria


Sunday, 18 August 2013

Weekley Overview; 18th August & Blog Break!

I'm writing this as my nails are drying and trying to cool my anger over the neighbours who live at the back... They are having a massive party, with strobe lights (which are beaming into my room) and very loud music. Looks like I'll be ringing the police non-emergency number after 11pm! Anyway, lets try and relax...

Me wearing glasses... Opinions?!
Today I spent finishing the cleaning and starting packing! I've had a really bad back all day so not much has really happened!

Monday I am getting up early to go for a run (yes, me, running...amazing). and then coming home to have a shower and then finish packing to go to London!!! I'm going to London with my best friend for a couple of days!

Tuesday My friend and me are going to the One Direction Film Première and then we are going to see a show and get last minute tickets!

Wednesday I come from London (insert sad face here) and coming home! I am doing a small solo set at a local pub, all acoustic, just piano, acoustic guitar and me! I'm really looking forward to doing a set were its not all up tempo and its more relaxing and emotive! That's when I feel I get into my music the most! 

Thursday During the day is just relaxing and getting my voice back in tip top condition. I'm also planning on seeing another best friend of mine and going to the cinema (we've yet to finalise details, but follow me on twitter to keep up to date with me and what I'm doing during the week!)

Friday I'm probably going to be doing all the cleaning again, I have some work planned to do as well, so its just a chill out day and relax! I may also be looking at possibly buying a sewing machine so I can start making some of my own clothes!

Saturday I have lots planned to do! I wont bore you with all the details, but I have new song ideas and some new lyrics to write down, and write up new set lists! So much exciting stuff is happening! 

Blog Update I'm also having a blog break this week due to being away and because I've been blogging every week since January I just need a little break to get some new ideas and to get some stuff done! I will be back next Sunday for my next weekly overview and again back on schedule till I start my new schedule from 8th September! 

See you next sunday my lovelies!!

Emma Victoria


Friday, 16 August 2013

My Bathroom Essentials!

As promised, I said I would do a 'My Bathroom Essentials' post and here it is! These are some of the things that I see as a must have to have in my bathroom and some of my favourite products! 

Lets start with some utensils - I always like to have a good supply of body puffs and face clothes! My 2 facecloths are in hot pink and lavender and I bought these from M&Co for £1 each! The body puffs I got from Morrisons in a pack of 6 in different colours I think again this pack was all for around a £1! So an absolute bargain to get some of these! I also think its nice to have bit of decoration in the bathroom and my rubber duck is just the perfect thing to make it cheerful! I really can't remember where I got him, but I'm sure you can find others somewhere!

The next product is something I don't think I could actually live without and thats my dry shampoo! Its always good to have some just in case you need to rush out the house and you just don't have time to wash your hair! I bought mine in 'Blush' cause this is my favourite Batiste dry shampoo and the smell is just lovely! I actually bought mine in clearance for £1 in Boots because the lid went missing so I used the lid of my old can and put it on this, bargain or what?!

Everyone has to have hand wash in your house, and I get super obsessed with having a nice smelling hand wash! I particularly love the hand washes from Waitrose. At the moment I particularly love the Cinnamon Cakes one! It reminds me of Christmas (too early to be thinking about Christmas?) and it just smells so so SO yummy! You can get this for £1.11 in Waitrose/Ocado! 

I always think its super important to keep spots at an absolute minimum, cause I used to suffer really badly with spots when I was younger, and now even when I get one, they get really sore! So I wash my face with the Simple 'Triple Action Face Wash' - I love Simple products, they make my skin feel really nice and cleansed as well as not containing too many unnatural and horrible chemicals! I use this twice a day, and it definitely has improved my skin with spots! You can buy this from Boots for £2.66 - so its also super affordable to keep your skin in tip top condition!

What would my life be if I didn't have Soap & Glory products in my bathroom! First of all, I am absolutely in love with my 'Foam Call' Body Wash - this has a luscious smell and makes your skin feel really smooth! You can get this huge tub (which will last you ages!) for just £6.50 from boots! They have a range of big bottled body washes so you can chose your favourite! Next is the two pots, the first being the 'Scrub 'Em and Leave 'Em' Body buff, this also makes your skin feel soft and the next is 'The Righteous Butter' which is the perfect thing to use after using the body buff! It makes your skin stay softer for longer! The last being the Mini 'Clean on Me' body wash, this is perfect if you go away a lot (like I do!) then its the perfect thing to take with you and it doesn't take up too much space! I think its always important to have travel sized stuff in your house cause you never know when you have to go away at the last minute!

I also think its super important to have lip balm in your bathroom because if your lips are super dry then its good to have plenty on hand! Also, after moisturising my lips, the tend to feel a little dry so its good to keep some with my toothbrush to keep my lips feeling soft! I got this balmi lip balm in Raspberry for my birthday and bought another one so it can go in my handbag cause I love it so much!!

Well I hope you enjoyed my Bathroom Essentials post! I also just want to mention that I won't be posting my OOTW next week as I'm having a break from blogging from Sunday through to the following Sunday (25th August) because I've been blogging every week since January and I'm also going away from Monday to Wednesday and I also have lots of work to be doing next week! 

Much Love

Emma Victoria


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Payday Wishlist!

As many of you know, I am currently on my summer holiday from work and college! I do however still get paid... On a minimum wage for being on call and also just to tie me over! I am only getting £200 this month, so I must spend it wisely! However, there are still some things I can buy! (I also hit over 6000 views yesterday, fabulous news!).

I know I will definitely be purchasing the Lindy Bop dress and Cary Jane shoes (and probably the 2 nail polishes) but the other 2 items I may wait to get at a later date, seeing as I'm going back to college in just over 4 weeks (ahh scary!! I just hope I make some friends and no one thinks I'm weird!!)

Anyway, just a quick post today, and look forward to my post on friday which is all about my Bathroom Essentials and what I think are some absolute must haves and what are my favourites!

I've also felt really lyrical this week and yesterday I had a fantastic little jam with my fans when we had a meet up so they could meet us (my band) as people instead of just watching us on stage, and my favourite song we sang in acoustic was probably Imelda May's song 'End of the World' - I can seriously relate to this song right now, especially through this emotional mess I'm in, writing a goodbye letter and also because its just so beautiful! 

Much love

Emma Victoria


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

OOTW; Curvy Collectif!

As I mentioned in my weekly overview on Sunday that today I would be meeting some of the lovely people who follow and support my band, we sat in Costa for around 2 hours with lots of coffee's and coolers, and had a lovely chat! We then went for lunch and after lunch we went to the park and did a little sing song and people passing also stopped to have a listen! My outfit today is a cute 'Collectif' look, and I bought both these items in their Hot 50 Sale at the end of July!

Black Liesel Skirt, Collectif - £46.50
White Trixie Cat Eye Sunglasses, Bow and Crossbones - £8
'Love' Quote & Swallow Necklace, Gift - £Free 
Gold Buckle Waist Belt, New Look - £5.99

For my make-up, instead of doing my normal black winged eye liner, I used a glitter liquid liner and just did exactly the same style as normal and touching up my eyes with mascara, on my lips I have used the Seventeen lipstick in shade 'Hollywood', I'm really sad as this lipstick just broke on me one day, but the colour of this is really beautiful! For my hair, I did a loose low pony tail at the back of my neck, and then folded this in on its self, to create this simple look; its good because its not meant to look perfect or tidy! You can finish off your hair with a hair flower!

For my nails, I have painted them in the Barry M nail polish in shade 'Peach Melba' which is absolutely cute! For my shoes I am also wearing my new flat shoes I bought from Clarks! After breaking my 2 toes I realised I should buy some proper shoes instead of cheap £10 ones all the time which gives my foot no support what so ever! I chose to get this in patent instead of the matte shoes generally because patent looks a little more finished and prettier then the boring matte ones (plus they are easier to clean!).

Much love my lovelies!!

Emma Victoria


Sunday, 11 August 2013

Weekly Overview: 11th August & Mini Life&Blog Update!

Another sunday, and another day of relaxing. I'm not used to this holiday malarkey . Used to being busy and working in the summer! Oh well, lets see what this week has in store!
Warning! Naked face!!

Today I've just been doing the first part of the cleaning and also writing Thank you letters for my birthday.. Seeing as I've only just found some I really like! Also its just a day of relaxing and doing little bits and bobs round the house. I hate to admit but I have had 5 vanilla coffee's today... About to have a 6th! I'm pretty hooked on coffee... but its too damn nice to give up!

Monday I have to do the second part of the cleaning... which means I have to wash the floor downstairs, and in the bathroom & toilet, but I'm also using the new Vanish Carpet Shaker Cleaner to clean my (disgusting) cream carpet... We shall see how this ends tomorrow. I also have to go down into the little village I live in to get some more tablets for myself, as I'm still not in a good condition with my chest (yup, still having damn problems) and I also need to get a new inhaler, cause I kind of lost mine... Woops. 

Tuesday I'm going to a little meet up with some people who follow my band. We had a few people at our last gig ask if we would do a little meet and greet kind of thing, so we are just going for a coffee and a ponder to get to know some of the people who follow us, and also give them a chance to meet us, up close and personal! (Is this what its like to be well known?)

Wednesday My brother is going off to his respite bungalow for 4 days, as this will be his last until he goes back to school in September. I also have the food shopping coming in the afternoon, so again, another boring day at home! However, I plan on hopefully right down some new tunes (songs) as I've felt really inspired to write recently (for example, I woke up at 2am... and wrote a new song called 'Lonely Lane' the other week, about a guy who shamefully lies to his girlfriend thinking she wouldn't find out... deep stuff). 

Thursday My mum has said she really wants to go out to lunch with me, so being the nice daughter I am (and also realising I get a free meal and drinks out of this) I've complied to go along, what's the harm? After this, I'm not too sure what I have planned! Just see what happens!

Friday A relaxing day doing absolutely nothing... I wish. Got a lot of meetings to sort out and rescheduling photo shoots (SEE BELOW IN MY LIFE UPDATE ABOUT ALL THE DETAILS). I'm probably going all retro office chic today (yay?) At least I can pull off looking smart and retro at the same time!

Saturday I'm not really too sure what I have planned, I would really like to go to the cinema at some point in this holiday, but who knows, I may ask around and see if anyone is interested!

Here comes the update stuff!

Okay lets start with a blog update;

I just want to let you know about my little plan for blogging once I go back to college. I will try to keep my regular content going, right up until the 8th September (day of my weekly overview). From then on, things get a little more difficult - I will be doing my OOTW's still on every Tuesday (depending on my timetable, this may change to Wednesday if I have a day off), I will still be posting my weekly overview's on a Sunday  however these will be posted later in the evening.  For my non-structured posts (the ones about different subjects) which I post at random on either Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, will be restricted to Fridays only. The reason I am cutting back is because when I go back I will have a lot of work to do each week, a lot of essays (especially English ones), so I've had to -restructure my whole blogging schedule! On Friday this week, I am doing a little bathroom essentials post, so all my little bits and bobs, and also will be doing my OOTW on Tuesday, so as said before, blogging schedule is still remaining the same. 

Life Update: Okay as said above, I was going to explain about my modelling so I will do that first and then talk about my huge personal achievement (this post is so super long, sorry!). As mentioned in my earlier posts in July, I broke my two toes on my left foot, which are both still super painful, and I'm still being refrained from wearing heels. My middle toe is now around 80% healed, but my little toe is still only around 50%, and is still in a lot of pain when wearing trainers. My doctor said until I can wear trainers I'm still unable to wear heels. So for now the photo shoots are still postponed... HOWEVER - I am having meetings with some photographers this Friday, meaning we may split the shoots into different sessions - this means that if we can take some photos without my wearing heels now, and take the ones wearing heels later then we will do this. I'm hoping I can do some of the lingerie photos without heels as that means I can get some prints out to people buy pictures from me ASAP!

Now the little achievement part - as said in many of my relationship posts about my struggle of getting over this lad, lets call him Dave - I have managed to go a full 25 days without talking to him. In this time, it also proved to me that, because he hasn't made the effort to talk to me once, that I was the one making all the effort in our friendship. I also made a deal with myself (and also posted on twitter, so I couldn't get out of doing it) that at 25 days of no talking, I would delete and block this guy on twitter, and delete him off Facebook - in fact I was so eager to do it, I did it at 23 days!! I know its not much, but after being hung up on this guy for around a year now, this is a huge step forward, and now I'm looking onto more positive things, and getting over this horrible depression for good!!!

Okay, so I'm really sorry for the super duper long post, however, its easier to get it all out in one go! Also don't forget to check out my Birthday Haul video on Youtube which I've finally done!!

Much of Love & See you for my OOTW on Tuesday!

Emma Victoria


Tuesday, 6 August 2013

OOTW; Summertime Swing!

On Sunday I went to Summertime Swing with my best friend Charlie! And this is the outfit I wore...

Bandanna, Wear It Again Sam - £7.50 (10% off on the day so I got it for £6!)

Black Marilyn Sunglasses, Wear It Again Sam - £9.99 (same here)

Black Bolero, Peacocks - £5.99

Hell Bunny May Day Dress, Shop in Brighton - £42 (also here)

Hell Bunny 25" Petticoat, Amazon - £29.95 

Black Studded Creepers, New Look - £12 (on sale) - (same here)

I did my make-up in my usual way, winged eyeliner, but I also put on white eye shadow beneath to make my eyes pop a little more. The white eye shadow makes my blue eyes stand out a little more! I used the Barry M red lip stick in shade '121', this has a blue undertone and has fantastic coverage and stay. As said above, I actually bought the bandanna on the day, because of the wind my hair was going all titanic on me, and flying in the wind, so to control it a little more I bought this lovely bandanna  as the pink compliments the colours on my Mayday dress! I painted my nails on Saturday night, buffing them, and finally sorting out my cuticles... I painted them in the shade 'Strawberry Ice Cream', which is a pale pink, and does generally remind me of strawberry ice cream! You can see my little picture collage I posted yesterday of all the lovely photos I took at Summertime Swing! I also posted a Youtube video... FINALLY! You can view it here, I finally did my birthday haul video, I couldn't include all my stuff I got, but I showed all the little bits I had in my box! 

Billions of Love

Emma Victoria


Monday, 5 August 2013

Summertime Swing Photo Collage!

I know its my second post today, but I'm making up for not posting yesterday, as I just didn't have the time! So here are all the pictures I took yesterday, I do hope you enjoy them! I think the best moment of the day was having a picture with the Jive Aces!!

Sunday, was an absolutely amazing day! I had my best friend, some amazing music, dancing, and lots of giggles! We had the most amazing homemade slushie drinks, which were divine! Best Day ever?! Definitely a strong contender!

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria


Weekly Overview; 5th August

Can you believe we are in August?! Jeez, I'm losing track of my time! I'm doing today's post in advance as I won't have time to actually write this today. Also, I'm super sorry for writing it today, as yesterday I was just too busy to post it!

Today I'm taking my friend home, and my parents are coming home from a weekend away. Its just a relaxed day I think for me, I may just do my OOTW ready to post on Tuesday (I may even use my outfit from Summertime Swing on Sunday).

Tuesday I've no idea what I'm doing for most days this week, generally because my dad's at home, and that means we decide to go to places on the actual morning of going somewhere (sigh). I tend to be quite organised at the moment and don't like deciding things last minute. 

Wednesday Again, I don't really know what's in store, I hope we can go out somewhere and do something fun, but who knows, All I do know, is that my parents are going out for a meal with their friends in Eastbourne and are staying over, so.... home alone for me again! I'll probably just watch a DVD and cook dinner... What an exciting life I lead.

Thursday My parents come back home... Again I don't know what I'm doing... Ugh I hate being unorganised and not knowing what I'm doing!!

Friday Today my cousin is coming down from Blackpool with her foster child. When my dog went up to Blackpool last year when we had our house done out, he absolutely loved Freddie, so my cousin Lucy is bringing down to London and then coming down to see us!

Saturday I know what I'm doing today!! I'm going to the Vintage Transport Festival in Horsted Keynes with my friend Anja! I'm tempted to go on the Bluebell Railway, cause then I have an excuse to go on it (hehe!) Or I can get the bus!

Well... I have an interesting week ahead aye... Lets hope things get a little more interesting as the week goes on... If you want to follow me around on what I'm doing then make sure you follow and check out my twitter @EmmaVictoriaaa and you'll be able to keep up to date with me!

Much Love

Emma Victoria


Friday, 2 August 2013

Guest Post - Anja from The Ramblings of an Honorary Rascal

Good day my lovelies! Today I have my lovely friend Anja doing a guest post for me! If you are interested in doing a guest post then drop me an email on (P.S I have also updated my Summer To-Do List - I will be doing a post on some of the things I have done soon as well!)



Hello lovely people! So I am Anja from 'The Ramblings of an Honorary Rascal', a blog based on my love for all things historical and literary. But seeing as this is Emma's blog and it is a beauty blog, I thought I should try my hand at something 'beauty' for this guest post!
Now I know that a lot of girls want to wear a bit of make-up  as I do, to have a variety of effects, such as evening out your skin tone. But if you're also like me and on a beauty budget, it's hard to find products that give the same effects as 'professional' make-up brands that your favourite beauty gurus may use, without them costing you the earth. So, I thought I would share with you the products that I have found work the best, but on a budget. Each item costs less than £10 each, with the total products adding up to just under £30.

1. Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Night Treatment Gel - £2.99 and Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser - £3.89
2. MUA Eyeshadow (Shade 19 Matte)- £1.00, Collection No Clumps Mascara (Black) - £2.99, Essence Eyeliner Pen (available online), and  MUA Eyeliner (Rich Brown) - £1.00
3. Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation (Shade 100 Ivory) - £6.99
4. MUA Lipstick (Shade 11)- £1.00

And these are just some photos to show you how versatile they are!

By far my favourite thing about me is my hair. I usually tend to wear it the way it naturally falls, like in the picture, but sometimes I like to make myself feel a bit more groomed and actually do something with my hair. But as I am the kind of person who takes forever to get out of bed, leaving no time for hair and makeup, I've found these kinds of hairstyles are super easy to do, and each of them take less than 20 minutes to perfect.

So, thank you for bearing with me and reading to the end of this post, if you have, and if you have, well done! If you think you'd like to hear more from me then feel free to check out my blog, or if you have any post requests or just want to say hello then drop me a comment or tweet me at @thenewestenemy. Thanks for reading! :)