Friday, 16 August 2013

My Bathroom Essentials!

As promised, I said I would do a 'My Bathroom Essentials' post and here it is! These are some of the things that I see as a must have to have in my bathroom and some of my favourite products! 

Lets start with some utensils - I always like to have a good supply of body puffs and face clothes! My 2 facecloths are in hot pink and lavender and I bought these from M&Co for £1 each! The body puffs I got from Morrisons in a pack of 6 in different colours I think again this pack was all for around a £1! So an absolute bargain to get some of these! I also think its nice to have bit of decoration in the bathroom and my rubber duck is just the perfect thing to make it cheerful! I really can't remember where I got him, but I'm sure you can find others somewhere!

The next product is something I don't think I could actually live without and thats my dry shampoo! Its always good to have some just in case you need to rush out the house and you just don't have time to wash your hair! I bought mine in 'Blush' cause this is my favourite Batiste dry shampoo and the smell is just lovely! I actually bought mine in clearance for £1 in Boots because the lid went missing so I used the lid of my old can and put it on this, bargain or what?!

Everyone has to have hand wash in your house, and I get super obsessed with having a nice smelling hand wash! I particularly love the hand washes from Waitrose. At the moment I particularly love the Cinnamon Cakes one! It reminds me of Christmas (too early to be thinking about Christmas?) and it just smells so so SO yummy! You can get this for £1.11 in Waitrose/Ocado! 

I always think its super important to keep spots at an absolute minimum, cause I used to suffer really badly with spots when I was younger, and now even when I get one, they get really sore! So I wash my face with the Simple 'Triple Action Face Wash' - I love Simple products, they make my skin feel really nice and cleansed as well as not containing too many unnatural and horrible chemicals! I use this twice a day, and it definitely has improved my skin with spots! You can buy this from Boots for £2.66 - so its also super affordable to keep your skin in tip top condition!

What would my life be if I didn't have Soap & Glory products in my bathroom! First of all, I am absolutely in love with my 'Foam Call' Body Wash - this has a luscious smell and makes your skin feel really smooth! You can get this huge tub (which will last you ages!) for just £6.50 from boots! They have a range of big bottled body washes so you can chose your favourite! Next is the two pots, the first being the 'Scrub 'Em and Leave 'Em' Body buff, this also makes your skin feel soft and the next is 'The Righteous Butter' which is the perfect thing to use after using the body buff! It makes your skin stay softer for longer! The last being the Mini 'Clean on Me' body wash, this is perfect if you go away a lot (like I do!) then its the perfect thing to take with you and it doesn't take up too much space! I think its always important to have travel sized stuff in your house cause you never know when you have to go away at the last minute!

I also think its super important to have lip balm in your bathroom because if your lips are super dry then its good to have plenty on hand! Also, after moisturising my lips, the tend to feel a little dry so its good to keep some with my toothbrush to keep my lips feeling soft! I got this balmi lip balm in Raspberry for my birthday and bought another one so it can go in my handbag cause I love it so much!!

Well I hope you enjoyed my Bathroom Essentials post! I also just want to mention that I won't be posting my OOTW next week as I'm having a break from blogging from Sunday through to the following Sunday (25th August) because I've been blogging every week since January and I'm also going away from Monday to Wednesday and I also have lots of work to be doing next week! 

Much Love

Emma Victoria