Sunday, 11 August 2013

Weekly Overview: 11th August & Mini Life&Blog Update!

Another sunday, and another day of relaxing. I'm not used to this holiday malarkey . Used to being busy and working in the summer! Oh well, lets see what this week has in store!
Warning! Naked face!!

Today I've just been doing the first part of the cleaning and also writing Thank you letters for my birthday.. Seeing as I've only just found some I really like! Also its just a day of relaxing and doing little bits and bobs round the house. I hate to admit but I have had 5 vanilla coffee's today... About to have a 6th! I'm pretty hooked on coffee... but its too damn nice to give up!

Monday I have to do the second part of the cleaning... which means I have to wash the floor downstairs, and in the bathroom & toilet, but I'm also using the new Vanish Carpet Shaker Cleaner to clean my (disgusting) cream carpet... We shall see how this ends tomorrow. I also have to go down into the little village I live in to get some more tablets for myself, as I'm still not in a good condition with my chest (yup, still having damn problems) and I also need to get a new inhaler, cause I kind of lost mine... Woops. 

Tuesday I'm going to a little meet up with some people who follow my band. We had a few people at our last gig ask if we would do a little meet and greet kind of thing, so we are just going for a coffee and a ponder to get to know some of the people who follow us, and also give them a chance to meet us, up close and personal! (Is this what its like to be well known?)

Wednesday My brother is going off to his respite bungalow for 4 days, as this will be his last until he goes back to school in September. I also have the food shopping coming in the afternoon, so again, another boring day at home! However, I plan on hopefully right down some new tunes (songs) as I've felt really inspired to write recently (for example, I woke up at 2am... and wrote a new song called 'Lonely Lane' the other week, about a guy who shamefully lies to his girlfriend thinking she wouldn't find out... deep stuff). 

Thursday My mum has said she really wants to go out to lunch with me, so being the nice daughter I am (and also realising I get a free meal and drinks out of this) I've complied to go along, what's the harm? After this, I'm not too sure what I have planned! Just see what happens!

Friday A relaxing day doing absolutely nothing... I wish. Got a lot of meetings to sort out and rescheduling photo shoots (SEE BELOW IN MY LIFE UPDATE ABOUT ALL THE DETAILS). I'm probably going all retro office chic today (yay?) At least I can pull off looking smart and retro at the same time!

Saturday I'm not really too sure what I have planned, I would really like to go to the cinema at some point in this holiday, but who knows, I may ask around and see if anyone is interested!

Here comes the update stuff!

Okay lets start with a blog update;

I just want to let you know about my little plan for blogging once I go back to college. I will try to keep my regular content going, right up until the 8th September (day of my weekly overview). From then on, things get a little more difficult - I will be doing my OOTW's still on every Tuesday (depending on my timetable, this may change to Wednesday if I have a day off), I will still be posting my weekly overview's on a Sunday  however these will be posted later in the evening.  For my non-structured posts (the ones about different subjects) which I post at random on either Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, will be restricted to Fridays only. The reason I am cutting back is because when I go back I will have a lot of work to do each week, a lot of essays (especially English ones), so I've had to -restructure my whole blogging schedule! On Friday this week, I am doing a little bathroom essentials post, so all my little bits and bobs, and also will be doing my OOTW on Tuesday, so as said before, blogging schedule is still remaining the same. 

Life Update: Okay as said above, I was going to explain about my modelling so I will do that first and then talk about my huge personal achievement (this post is so super long, sorry!). As mentioned in my earlier posts in July, I broke my two toes on my left foot, which are both still super painful, and I'm still being refrained from wearing heels. My middle toe is now around 80% healed, but my little toe is still only around 50%, and is still in a lot of pain when wearing trainers. My doctor said until I can wear trainers I'm still unable to wear heels. So for now the photo shoots are still postponed... HOWEVER - I am having meetings with some photographers this Friday, meaning we may split the shoots into different sessions - this means that if we can take some photos without my wearing heels now, and take the ones wearing heels later then we will do this. I'm hoping I can do some of the lingerie photos without heels as that means I can get some prints out to people buy pictures from me ASAP!

Now the little achievement part - as said in many of my relationship posts about my struggle of getting over this lad, lets call him Dave - I have managed to go a full 25 days without talking to him. In this time, it also proved to me that, because he hasn't made the effort to talk to me once, that I was the one making all the effort in our friendship. I also made a deal with myself (and also posted on twitter, so I couldn't get out of doing it) that at 25 days of no talking, I would delete and block this guy on twitter, and delete him off Facebook - in fact I was so eager to do it, I did it at 23 days!! I know its not much, but after being hung up on this guy for around a year now, this is a huge step forward, and now I'm looking onto more positive things, and getting over this horrible depression for good!!!

Okay, so I'm really sorry for the super duper long post, however, its easier to get it all out in one go! Also don't forget to check out my Birthday Haul video on Youtube which I've finally done!!

Much of Love & See you for my OOTW on Tuesday!

Emma Victoria