Monday, 5 August 2013

Weekly Overview; 5th August

Can you believe we are in August?! Jeez, I'm losing track of my time! I'm doing today's post in advance as I won't have time to actually write this today. Also, I'm super sorry for writing it today, as yesterday I was just too busy to post it!

Today I'm taking my friend home, and my parents are coming home from a weekend away. Its just a relaxed day I think for me, I may just do my OOTW ready to post on Tuesday (I may even use my outfit from Summertime Swing on Sunday).

Tuesday I've no idea what I'm doing for most days this week, generally because my dad's at home, and that means we decide to go to places on the actual morning of going somewhere (sigh). I tend to be quite organised at the moment and don't like deciding things last minute. 

Wednesday Again, I don't really know what's in store, I hope we can go out somewhere and do something fun, but who knows, All I do know, is that my parents are going out for a meal with their friends in Eastbourne and are staying over, so.... home alone for me again! I'll probably just watch a DVD and cook dinner... What an exciting life I lead.

Thursday My parents come back home... Again I don't know what I'm doing... Ugh I hate being unorganised and not knowing what I'm doing!!

Friday Today my cousin is coming down from Blackpool with her foster child. When my dog went up to Blackpool last year when we had our house done out, he absolutely loved Freddie, so my cousin Lucy is bringing down to London and then coming down to see us!

Saturday I know what I'm doing today!! I'm going to the Vintage Transport Festival in Horsted Keynes with my friend Anja! I'm tempted to go on the Bluebell Railway, cause then I have an excuse to go on it (hehe!) Or I can get the bus!

Well... I have an interesting week ahead aye... Lets hope things get a little more interesting as the week goes on... If you want to follow me around on what I'm doing then make sure you follow and check out my twitter @EmmaVictoriaaa and you'll be able to keep up to date with me!

Much Love

Emma Victoria