Sunday, 1 September 2013

Weekly Overivew: 1st September!

Its a lovely Sunday isn't it! I also can't believe its September already! Its a super busy month for me as well! It also means we are another month closer to Christmas! (I am one of them people who loves Christmas! I also aim to have a very retro Christmas this year!) Lets see what I'm up to this week! ...

A cheeky double vodka & coke?
Why not!
Today I have had a lovely manicure by my friend as my nails look so crappy right now! We also added a white nail and put some glitter polish on, can't beat a little sparkle! Every girl deserves to shine! 

Monday I am at college in the morning to complete my enrolment (*sigh*). God knows I'll probably be there for 10 minutes and then be told I can go! Any way, after that I have to pop to Tesco and get some bits and bobs and come home! I will probably do my OOTW as well as I'll be busy on Tuesday! In the evening I am also going up to Heathrow airport to go and see my lovely double bassist who is back from his month's holiday in the Bahamas/Miami/New York! (I am very, very jealous!) 

Tuesday I have a meeting at a studio with a friend of mine who is recording an album and wants me to do some backing vocals on three tracks! First of all we are just sorting out a plan of what we are recording and when we are going to record it and also sort out all different bits and bobs! In the evening I have another acoustic gig, my second in a few weeks. I'm really enjoying doing some more acoustic gigs recently, generally because I am able to connect with the audience a lot more and its also more relaxed.

Wednesday My brother goes back to school today, so an early start to get him ready and see him off school! I'm also having my shopping delivered so I can put that away as well! I have some errands to run and do today so after I get them all done I can relax! 

Thursday I am going to get things ready for going back to college and also sorting out some blog posts to be planned! I'm also thinking of possibly doing some youtube videos - so who knows what may happen!

Friday I have to go to college... AGAIN. I have to go back and pick my timetable up, hopefully it wont be as horrendous as last years... I will not do three 9am starts and two 5 and a half hour breaks in my timetable! That is just a joke! I do however have to go all the way to Lewes (45 minute drive away from where I live) just to go pick a piece of paper up. 

Saturday I don't know what I have planned on Saturday, I presume its just a spontaneous day again! Who knows! Just have to wait and see!

Any who, this week I am planning on doing posts on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (if I have enough to write about that is!) I haven't decided when my body confidence post will be yet (either Wednesday or Friday) but just keep a look out on these days for whatever post is up! 

Also, if you have any ideas about some future blog posts I can do, or you want to do a guest post, then just let me know! I really want to make this blog enjoyable for you read!


Emma Victoria