Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Blogmas Day 10: Make-Up; Retro Christmas

Okay so I thought I'd do a simple retro style Christmas themed make-up today - its super simple and easy to achieve so nothing too complicated! 

 I used my new Scandaleyes Mascara, my big eyeshadow palette using the Shimmery Gold, Pine Green Shimmer and Ruby Red eyeshadow. I also use my Rimmel 'Glam Ice' white eyeshadow as a base! I use my Victoria Jackson eyeliner in black, my rimmel lip liner in red dynamite and my Barry M lipstick in shade 158 (a red with a pink undertone). And last but not least my Barry M glitter liner in Gold!

Step 1 Prepare your Face
First of all you just want to do your basic face routine, such as spot creams, moisturisers and then foundation. I use my Rimmel 25 Hour liquid foundation and then use my Natural Collection pressed powder in 'warm' to finish my skin. I then put on my eye primer ready for the next step...

Step 2 Your Eyes
 You then want to start applying the white eye-shadow as a base coat, and then blend till this is only slightly visible. I then begin with adding the gold (the one in the middle of the picture!) into the corner of my eye and leave to blend later. I then go ahead and add my red eye-shadow the rest of my eye leaving a tiny gap between the gold and red to then blend together. I recommend blending from the corner of your eye outwards, this just makes sure the red doesn't go into the gold. After blending I take a thin eye-shadow brush and use the shimmery green eye-shadow (much like the colour of a Christmas tree) into the crease of my eye and blend. I then add a thin line of winged eye-liner as close and as thin as possible for a minimal effect on your eye. don't worry if its too messy just try to keep the line as straight as possible. Then you can use the glitter eye-liner on top for a super cute Christmas effect!

Step 3 Your Lips
I use my Rimmel lip liner in 'Red Dynamite' and make my cupids bow super emphasised. I take the lines just above my natural lip line just for a super effect. I then colour the rest of my lips in and add my Barry M Lipstick.. And then you are done!!

Well I hope that was simple enough!
15 days till Christmas!

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria