Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Blogmas Day 3: My Christmas Tree!

Today I thought I would share some images of my Christmas tree this year - As you can see above my style has completely changed from last year. 2012 tree was very mix and match and all about crystal white and mix and match, this year is much more rich and traditional with themed colours of  Gold, Red, Green, White & Silver. Below are some pictures of my decorations that are on my tree this year... 

I also have this as a star - I just super love the Nordic Christmas theme!

This heart was bought for me from my ex-boyfriend the Christmas
before we broke up & he went back to New Zealand

I have 2 of these super adorable doves on my tree - my mum has robins on
the tree downstairs but I just love my doves!

This year I FINALLY decided to replace my old star which was
falling to bits. This is from Sainsbury's and is a Gold/Silver Ribbon star.

Isn't St. Nick just too cute on his little swing here?

I have 2 of these reindeer but my other one is red with a white heart
and white stitching. I bought these from Haskins last year... Again the nordic theme.

I have 2 of these super cute baubles in similar designs they were all different price ranges from
£2.90 - £3.95 
I couldn't not buy this, its too freaking cute! I got this in Sainsburys I think
for £2

Another nordic theme decoration - this has jingle bells on it and
a festive little dove!
Super simple post today I guess, but I thought it would just be a nice little post for you guys! 

22 days till Christmas!

Mistletoe Kisses

Emma Victoria