Thursday, 5 December 2013

Blogmas Day 5: House Decorations

Today's post is probably quite similar to Tuesdays post in the fact its gonna be a tonne of pictures of what me and my mum have done decoration wise downstairs for the whole family! 

This is the first view you get when you come down the stairs. So
many pretty lights!!!!!!

We put these red lights by the front windows and ice white on the
plant. Festive exotic plants!

This window has by far got to be my favourite. Our little gingerbread family!
The warm white lights just make it so magical!

The ceiling to floor entrance window all jazzed up with some snowflake window stickers
these are on all the windows downstairs & ice white lights!

My mum has always wanted nutcrackers - because of having not many decorations
in the kitchen (Safety and all) we have these on the windowsill.

Aren't these adorable and so vintage?! Bought these 7 years ago
and still look fantastic!

My little elf, robin and tree display by the hi-fi and CD/DVD storage. Too adorable!

By the front window we have this gorgeous lit up and rotating Christmas tree -
This is 9 years old and is still works perfectly!

My mum bought this St.Nick 13 years ago from BHS - we both love him so much!
I know it was another picture post, but I just thought it'd be lovely to share! Also we are getting out tree this weekend which means at some point I will do a post on that Christmas tree maybe. The tree is going to be in the middle of the 5 bi-folding doors and my mum and myself will be decorating it!

20 Days till Christmas!

Coco kisses and cuddly hugs!

Emma Victoria