Friday, 6 December 2013

Blogmas Day 6: Christmas Wishlist!

I had a cute little idea which I did for my 18th birthday and I thought I'd do the same and do a Christmas Wishlist!
1. Sewing Machine - I've wanted a sewing machine for a while as I really want to start getting crafty and making things again, and this one from Next is just adorable & affordable!
2. Lady Million Perfume - I'm running low on perfume again, my D&G One perfume is getting to the littlest it can get (insert sad face here), I can never decide what perfume's I actually like, but I definitely like Lady Million and Black XS by Paco Rabanne - Okay I just like Paco Rabanne
3. Despicable Me 2 - I just LOVE the minions, and I still haven't seen this, and I really want to see it, and I really want to own it!! Yeah... I just really like the minions.
4. Collectif Mina Bag - You may have noticed a re-occurrence  I still actually haven't bought this bag yet, and I really still love it - you never know I guess?
5. Hell Bunny Pink Olive Dress - My god do I love this dress, I know I have loads of dresses but I really like this one! :(
6. SkullKandy Headphones - My babies broke a couple of months back and now I'm stuck with little ear bud ones, I really badly want some more Skullkandy headphones as they were the best headphones I ever owned!
7. iPad Mini White - Technological items aren't normally on my Christmas list, but a little iPad would be helpful with organising things and taking to places instead of caring a load of heavy stuff like my laptop.

Well I hope you enjoyed!

19 Days till Christmas!

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria