Sunday, 8 December 2013

Blogmas Day 8: Snowflake Nails

Today I thought I'd do a cute little nail tutorial the pictures aren't complimentary to what I've done but I shall try my best to explain to you best I can!
I decided to just do sparkly nails, as snow is always sparkly in the sun, right? On my thumb nails I decided to do a snowflake (like I said you can't see it too well, only vaguely). 

The products I'm going to be using are: Rimmel Clear Nail Varnish, Barry M Diamond Glitter Nail Polish, and Barry M Matt White Nail polish along with the Barry M Nail Art Pen in Silver.

Step 1: Base Coat
Apply one coat of the clear nail polish, this just gives a protective layer between the coloured polish and your nail. 

Step 2: Apply the White
Next you want to apply the white nail polish, I did 2 coats just to make sure my nails are fully covered and the white is nice and clear. I then leave these to dry for about an hour or so just to make sure they are fully set!

Step 3: Glitter & Snowflake
On the other 4 nails that you aren't putting a snowflake on, put several coats of the glitter on to make sure you get decent coverage and its super sparkly! While these are drying then use the nail art pen to draw a snowflake (I know its not the best picture in the world but you can get a rough idea from the picture on the right!). Once this has dried then add 2 coats of the glitter polish on top of your snowflake. If you wish you can add some silver dots on the other nails to represent snow like I did!

Step 4: Protect
To fully protect the nails, just add your clear nail varnish just to protect your nails from chipping and leave to dry - and voila!

We are done! I hope you enjoyed this little post!

17 days till Christmas!

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria