Monday, 9 December 2013

Blogmas Day 9: Make Your Own Snow!

So today I thought I'd finally try out the 'Make Your Own Snow' I bought last year at Christmas but never actually used... I thought that I'd use this snow to put in my vases on my big chest of draws! Its a super simple thing to do - I bought my snow powder from my local Garden Centre for £4. All you have to do is add as much powder as you want into a bowl and then add (I think) it said about 1/5 of water from the amount of powder you have added. Me being not scientific me - I  just added the water to the point where it all just begun to start expanding....
You will need water, snow powder, and a bowl.
Then add your powder into your bowl... and add the water!!
I found it grew about 5 times bigger from the powder
 form after adding about 30ml of water!

Overall I think this is super handy if you want a 'realistic' snow effect on a window display or in a vase... The only thing I will say that this has a major chemical/plastic sort of smell if you are quite close to it - and it really does not feel like snow, it feels more like polystyrene has been crushed into a sort of maybe watery powder form? But for visual purposes this is perfect for a Christmas display!!

16 days till Christmas!!

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria