Wednesday, 30 April 2014

OOTW; I Do Wear Trousers!

I've been asked a lot recently if I actually wear trousers... I do! I just tend to prefer skirts and dresses more so, so today's outfit is of me wearing trousers!

Flowy Floral Top, Simply Be - £15

Black Jeans, Peacocks - £12

Frothy Soda Flats, Clarks - £44.99

This is just a casual outfit for me, its one for when I'm running errands and haven't got the time to cater for my dress flowing around me! I mainly wear these jeans for work because they are comfortable, especially when doing long shifts. 

I'm wearing hardly any make-up to be quite honest with you! Just a small dab of concealer and a quick whizz of eyeliner just to make my eyes pop a little!

Hair Clip on both sides just to pin my bangs away and out of my face too! My hair is in a simple low ponytail and if I want to I can pin my fringe back into a small pomp.

Emma Victoria


Saturday, 26 April 2014

Spending Ban & Selling

At the beginning of the week I began doing my finances for this month, and realised how much I spend a month on clothes/makeup/eating out etc... I spend over £300 a month. That is way too flaming much. 

So I'm going on a spending ban. Yup, me, the queen of Spending is going on a spending ban. I think it will do me the world of good, and teach me to value what I own a lot more (not that I don't already!).

I'm deducing my hours at work again, so I'm only going to be getting £480 a month again (not much) so I need to cut back a bit. £200 will be for rent, I'll be putting £80 into an old savings account I have, and the other £200 will be for the necessity's. Whatever is left over until my next money instalment will be taken out, and put into my glass jar.

I also get paid £20 a week to do the cleaning of the whole of the house (including my bedsit), so each week £20 will go into the glass jar. I'm going away in June to a friend's down near Somerset, so I need to really save some money, and also planning a holiday abroad at some point this year/early next year. 

I also decided to count how many dresses I own... Big mistake. I own 45 dresses... THAT IS NOT RIGHT!!!! So, I decided I'm going to have a trawl through them, have a look and see what dresses I don't wear, and will be selling them on my eBay page and ones which are a bit worse for wear will be going to charity.

I mean who REALLY needs to own 45 dresses; not me! (although it will probably kill me inside to sell them!)

Also the profited money will be going into the little savings pot too!

Well my friends, here is the start of a new (grown up) horizon. I think I need to learn I don't buy a dress for the sake of buying a dress!

For my glass jar, I used an old Yankee Candle jar, cleaned it out, added a little ribbon round the top and added some little gems into the bottom to make it all pretty!

How I'm going to do it

1. I'm not going to tempt myself... I'm not going to keep looking through eBay or any of my favourite shops (online or in store) because then I will feel compelled to buy something.

2. Selling my clothes will help me to understand the concepts and transfers of money, and teach me its good to let go and not hoard stuff I probably don't need.

3. Keep myself organised, cause then I won't freak out about how much I own.

If you have any tips for my that would be amazing/awesome, cause it will be tough! I still will be spending, like normal expenditures like food/travel etc but I'm going to keep a close eye on what I do from now on.

Oh and life update... I'm looking for a new job (yay for the adult life).

See you soon poppets, might do a life post/update soon, so let me know if there's anything you'd like to know about!

Lots of Love Munchkins

Emma Victoria


Wednesday, 23 April 2014

OOTW: Casual & Classy

Yup, I'm back to my hectic life again (sigh) college, work and modelling are all back at the forefront of my agenda again and things are going to be getting super busy. I thought I'd share a super comfortable summer suit look I've been wearing to my work meetings recently when its been warm, and I'm just totally loving everything about it!

White Long Sleeved Cardigan, Next - £16

White and Black Peter Pan Collar Top, Primark - £3

Black Pencil Skirt, Thrifted

White Bow Wedges, Simply Be - £20

Isn't this just adorably cute?! I love how figure hugging it is too, and shows off all my lovely curves!

Hair and make-up are super simple, seeing as I have to wear this to work - I just have a thin winged eyeliner with a dab of foundation and my Baby Lips lip balm in 'Pink Punch'. I've just pulled one side of my hair back with a white hair flower just for a little more cutesy look. I'm giving my hair a little break from styling just so it doesn't get too damaged with the curling and the setting every other day or so!

See you soon my petals!

Emma Victoria


Saturday, 19 April 2014

Simply Be Babydoll Review

In the last week of March I was searching around for some new lovely underwear (specifically babydoll's just because I love them and sleep in them!) and I came across this adorable one from Simply Be!

Simply Be Naturally Close Diamante Babydoll Set
£36.00 including matching knickers
The bust on the babydoll and the front triangle of the knickers are embroidered with this adorable black flower style pattern. The bra is under wired which is definitely something I'm finding comfortable for me at the moment. The top half is exactly like a bra (this one is padded and under wired) and the back strap is the same of a normal bra. For the actual babydoll, a soft mesh (and I mean super soft its so comfy!) is used with a split which ends on the inside cup of the bra and the back it drops into a keyhole gap on the back fasteners. The hem of the mesh on the babydoll is a satin material which adds to the overall comfort and style of this babydoll. And last but not least there is 2 bow detailings, one on the bum of the knickers, just a simple small black bow and 2 black ribbons on the front inbetween the cups which you can tie into a bow or just leave loose.

I got this in a 44 C/D cup, I was a little worried the cup may come up a little bigger then expected due to being a varied cup size but it fits quite nicely and I don't have to re-adjust myself that much.

I know some women like to wear this under clothes or just for their partner but I sleep in babydolls (I only really sleep in pyjamas when I'm poorly and ill and need to be snuggled) and this definitely was comfortable for me to sleep in! 

One of my favourite things about this has to be the fact that the skirt of it doesn't cover my tummy. My biggest downfall and the part of my body I'm most critical of is my tummy, so its teaching me to love it!!

The material is rather see through, like the majority of babydoll's I own however this 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

OOTW: Naughty & Nautical

Last summer I set myself a target to get back into one of my first rockabilly dresses I bought a few years ago... and I finally did it! I still have a little way to go, but I finally fit back into this gorgeous and cheeky dress! This is a Hell Bunny XL dress which is a UK size 16... YES I FIT INTO A 16 EVEN WITH MY BOOBS!

Seasick Sue Sailor Halter Dress, Hell Bunny - £42.99

What Shawl, Charity - £5

Black Marilyn Cat Eye Sunglasses, Wear it Again Sam - £10

Rockabilly Pumps, BabyCham - £15

What I love the most about Hell Bunny dresses in particular, you can often find dresses from a few years ago still being sold - which makes me happy if I were to ever want to re-purchase the dress, then I can!

This dress in particular is one of my favourites because it has POCKETS! You don't often find dresses with pockets, but this adorable little thing does! 

Can you tell it was super sunny when I took this picture? Make-up is pretty much the same, I decided to wear my Barry M lipstick in no.52 'Shocking Pink' seeing as some of the detailing on the press was in pink too! My hair is pretty basic, just tied back in a ponytail with my bangs and fringe completely unstyled for a change!

The dress has super twirl action too and for those who have asked me quite a few times, I do wear short underneath my dresses, just in case there is a gust of wind and I have a Marilyn Monroe moment!

Lots of love my petals!

Emma Victoria


Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Furry Friend Tag!

Before I start today's post, I thought I'd just say about the new blog look! On Thursday, I decided I had finally had enough of the blue background and the header girl, that I just changed it all! The blog posts writing is now lilac, the writing over the blog is bright pink, the background is white, and the header girl is even more like me (with the love of polka dots!)... Hope you like the new look!


The moment I saw Stephanie from Stephanie Maverick tagged me in this... I HAD to do it! (Make sure you check out her post about her cute cat Lilly!). I'm going to tag EVERYONE OF YOU! Yup, every person that reads this, I tag you to do this! Or leave in the comments below something about your beloved pet!

1. What is his/her name?
I have 2 dogs, my eldest is Freddie who is 6 and my young puppy Alice who is 20 months old. Both are my babies as I do the majority of stuff for them apart from walking which my dad helps with, SOO I'm doing both my bubs!

2. When did you get Freddie & Alice?
I got Freddie as a puppy from a local breeding farm in 2008 (he was born December 2007), Freddie came home to us at 8 weeks old as a puppy.

I got Alice last September from a rescue centre called Labrador Rescue, Alice is originally from Ireland, but her home is now here in Sussex! 

3.What is something Freddie & Alice do that annoys you?
It HAS to be the constant barking at completely nothing... Both dogs are guilty. They will just bark, bark, bark, bark and bark for no reason what so ever!!!!

4. What type of breed are Freddie & Alice?
Freddie is a high pedigree Labrador and Alice is a 2nd generation Labradoodle which is a Labrador and a Poodle.

5. Has Freddie or Alice ever had a near death experience?
When Freddie was 12 weeks old, we found a large lump on the top of his head which was a tumour, the vets removed it and told us that if the tumour had grown about 1/4 of an inch longer Freddie would've died. 

Alice is just a doppy dog, so she has little injuries all the time but never anything serious (and hopefully not!)

6. Does Freddie or Alice know any tricks?
If you say cheese to Freddie he normally pulls this particular face and pose to try and get the cheese of the counter. 

Alice on the other hand has skills of being able to balance on 2 legs for about 2 minute periods, we never force her to do it, she just does it. Its something we actually want her to stop, but we reckon it could've been something encouraged from her previous home.

7. Does Freddie & Alice like to snuggle?
Freddie is a grumpy old dog now, so he's content just sleeping and doesn't really like people fussing over him when he sleeps. He just uses you as a pillow instead and drools all over you.

Alice just constantly wants to cuddle and snuggle up to you when she's not wanting to play with her ball. Only the other day was she cradled up in my lap (yes on my lap) and was cuddling my arm!

8. Where did you get Freddie & Alice?
As said above Freddie came from a local breeding farm... the place was absolutely immaculate, you wouldn't even believe it was a working farm which had horses and at least 4 dogs and many other animals!

Again as said above, Alice originally came from Ireland, but we rescued her from Labrador Rescue.

9. Do Freddie & Alice get along with other dogs?
Freddie loves other dogs, he likes to play with them all the time on his walks! He's just the overly friendly Labrador!

Alice is a little anxious about other dogs, mainly because she's never really been that socialised with them, so doesn't know how to greet properly. Which she is now being trained to do!

10. Does Freddie & Alice get along with strangers?
Freddie just loves to say hi to everyone, you'd think if he had the choice he'd go home with everyone except us.

Alice has a lot of trust issues with people, so will often bark at strangers on our walks, whether they have a dog or not. Its mainly because she just doesn't know if they okay or not, as often as possible I try and get the person to greet her and come down to her level just so she starts to feel secure.

11. How much does Freddie & Alice weigh?
Freddie has lost weight since he last went to Vets, he did weigh 37.2kg, which wasn't actually fat for him, its mainly cause he has a very big build like his father (yes Freddie's dad is still alive and I see the owners walk him all the time!). Freddie has a vets appointment soon so I'm hoping he would've got down to at least around 34kg.

Alice weighs 24.5kg, she still has a little bit of weight to put on as she is very bony. Which isn't just the poodle in her. She is on about 2 cups of food a day plus peanut butter regularly to fatten her up a bit!

12. Do you ever dress Freddie & Alice up?
Freddie only really has his collar on, he doesn't like stuff on him. Not even shampoo!

Alice has little bows that go in her fur, but I don't force her to wear them. She knows how to take them out herself so if she doesn't want them on she can take them off!

13. Has Freddie or Alice ever tried to runaway?
Freddie has escaped a few times into my neighbours garden, but he's just too scared to runaway so normally barks for someone to go and fetch him!

Alice has never had the chance, she always has to look at people to reassure herself that its okay to go outside (that's another phobia she has, and its a pain when you want her to go outside and play!).

14. How did you come up with Freddie's and Alice's names?
Freddie's full name is "Fredrik Labwrens Thunder" and my surname. We all kind of liked the name Freddie so it just kind of stuck! We made a final decision when we went to see the last 2 pups they had for sale (they had a litter of 8, 6 girls 2 boys, and the only 2 left were boys) if we got the other dog it would've been Oliver or Charlie!

Alice already came with her name, but she didn't have any middle name at all, we like to make her feel inclusive as she is the baby of the family so Alice is now called "Alice Rose" with my surname!

15. How much do these animals mean to you on a scale of 1-10?
1,000,000,000,000... My love for my babies is indescribable. I love them so much, I'd do anything for them. They have their arguments between each other, and yes I have to tell them off when they fight sometimes, but I love them so much like I still love all my other pets that are no longer with me.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

OOTW: Chill Out, Its Easter!

I've been looking forward to the Easter holidays since the February Half Term ended - I'm only working 2 days this holiday, and I've just got to do revision for college! Seeing as I'm not going out every day I just like to have chill out clothes on, like for revision or doing my laundry or ironing.

Rockabilly Baggy Tattoo Top, Primark - £8

Black Leggings, Peacocks - 2 for £10

I haven't got any make-up on so I can let my skin breathe for a bit and I'm totally loving just doing nothing for a change!

My hair is just a complete mess so I've tied it up into a high messy bun and let it do its own thing.

My toe nails are painted as are my nails, but I forgot to take a picture for some reason - but they are in the lilacy colour from the Barry M Gelly Nail Polishes shade 'Prickly Pear' (you can buy it here).

Well see you for my next post my lovelies!

Emma Victoria

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

OOTW: Summer Spots

I know you guys have seen this adorable skirt before, but sometimes I can't always afford a new outfit for every single day - and its so easy to fashion the same clothes in a different style! 

Black Marilyn Cat Eye Sunglasses, Wear it Again Sam - £10
(Also here)
White Gold Button Collared Top, New Look - £8
Navy Polka Dot Liesel Skirt, Collectif - £46.50
Rockabilly Pumps, Babycham - £15

I just super love everything about this adorable outfit! You can also add a white cardigan over your shoulders if it becomes a little chilly or if there's a bit of a spring breeze! I'm totally enjoying this sunny weather we are having, it makes little old me so happy and cheerful and I just love to twirl around in pretty skirts in the summer!

This outfit is super light, and perfect for when we get some really hot weather, you could wear a petticoat with this skirt, but sometimes I prefer to wear it without (like above) because the skirt has such a lovely fit as it is!

My make-up is super plain today I've just got a thin winged eyeliner on its own, with foundation and a lip gloss I haven't used in what feels like forever! I've used the Mary Kay Nourishine Plus lip gloss in shade Beach Bronze as its super subtle but has a gorgeous shimmer to it! (You can buy it here!)

See you soon!

Summer Kisses

Emma Victoria