Wednesday, 25 June 2014

OOTW; Gretel

This week features yet another new dress I bought in Brighton a few weeks back... Its the Gretel Dress in Gingham from Collectif! 

Gretel Swing Dress, Collectif - £58.50
Round Sunglasses, Vintage Fair - £5
Peep Toe Sling Back Heels, Peacocks - £12

I did super basic make-up with this, just a simple thin winged eye-liner and foundation. Mainly because I opt to wear less make-up in the summer due to the heat. I put my hair in plaits mainly because, well, I think I look cute and it matches this outfit absolutely perfectly!

Overall the Gretel dress is super cute, it has the halter neck style I really adore and the buttons on the front of the dress are an adorable heart shape. The top half actually opens up like a top which is quite a sweet feature if you maybe want a little more cleavage. The skirt of the dress and top of the dress has a beautiful little crochet lace detail on the trim, it just adds to the cuteness of this dress completely!!

I was a little wary of this dress at first (yes I know, surprising for me with a Collectif dress!), however a friend bought this dress a while back and she found it came up quite short, now both of us being plus size princesses we have rather chubby thighs, and tend not to go for shorter dresses. But I bit the bullet when in the Brighton shop, and bought it. For me it sits just on the knee, as you can see from the above picture, which is good for me personally, as I stand at around 5ft5.5, so the dress isn't too short for me.

The dress is super lightweight and is perfect for summer, however you can team it with a cardigan on the shoulders, if their is a slight breeze in the air!


Emma Victoria


P.S Guess who was in the Hell Bunny Rag... ME! Sporting my Red Meriam Dress (blog post here!)