Wednesday, 30 July 2014

OOTW&Review; Collectif Summer Bouquet Dolores

So as I've said for the last few weeks, I'm going on a 2 month break (see post here which kind of explains why) so I saved this beauty of a dress to show you guys and to review for my last post. I'm going to miss documenting my outfits each week for the next 2 months, but I really need this break. However, I originally planned on getting this dress before my birthday but Collectif had sold out in my size weeks before and hadn't restocked - so I lost hope and began looking for a new dress which I'd love just as much. I felt heartbroken at first but on my actual birthday I went to Brighton with my best friend and we went into Collectif and THERE WAS THE DRESS. In my size, in the flared style, right in front of me! My birthday was made not only by the fact my best friend surprised me by coming down for the weekend (she kept it from me for months!) but I found the dress I;ve wanted so badly for a whole year!

Summer Bouquet Dolores Dress, Collectif - £65
Red & White Becca Bag, Collectif - £35
Slingback Peep Toes, Peacocks - £12
Pink Chiffon Scarf, eBay - £4.50
Leopard Print Cat Eye Sunglasses, eBay - £10
Double Notes Necklace, Bow & Crossbones - £4.99
20"Baby Pink Petticoat, Hell Bunny - £21.99
Collection Lasting Finish Foundation in Ivory
Natural Collection Face Powder in Neutral
Bourjois Clubbing Liquid Liner, Black
Natural Collection Eyeshadows in Candyfloss & Mermaid 
MUA Luxe Lip Lacquer in Atomic


So after a year of lusting over this dress, I feel like my world is made by owning it now. You all know my favourite brand is Collectif, so as I normally do I went to their Brighton shop, had a lovely chat with the ladies who are probably becoming very familiar with me always popping in there and browsed round with my best friend - and then I found it. Now the dress itself is in the flared Dolores Style, and this dress has a lot of give to it, I was originally looking for a size 20, but I was advised to size down due to how much give the dress has and also for a better fit on the bust; so I ended up with an 18. When I got home the first thing I did (and my friend Danielle can vouch for me on this!) was but the dress on, as I just couldn't believe how much I loved this dress. Truthfully I could actually fit into a 16 with this dress, but I prefer it a little bigger if I was to wear a petticoat (like above) and also I can tailor the dress with my sewing machine if I need to. The dress has an absolutely gorgeous summer floral pattern, and for someone who doesn't normally wear yellow due to being blonde and the colour normally doesn't complement me, this dress just looks phenomenal! There is plenty of room on the bust for the bigger busted ladies but also gives a beautiful curve on the bust for the ladies who are more slender. This dress is perfect for an hourglass look. The dress sits about mid calf on me (I stand at 5 foot 5.5) and has an absolutely beautiful flare on the full circle skirt, I also love pairing a petticoat with the Dolores dress because of how pretty it makes the skirt, I feel like I've really stepped out of the 50's when wearing a petticoat with this dress! (I personally prefer wearing a 20" petticoat as this sits above the knee and doesn't go below the dress).

My favourite part is always the twirl test - this dress just twirls perfectly, the skirt has such a good flow and spreads out beautifully when twirling around. The dress has the permanently stunning feel to it, and even my friend who dances around with me said its a beautiful dress to dance in. The dress isn't tight on the waist like some dresses from other brands that I own either.

Another amazing feature to the Dolores Doll dresses are definitely the puffed elasticated sleeves. You can either wear them off the shoulder or as a normal sleeve. Which I love, if I feel like having a sassier day then I will have the sleeves off the shoulder but if I want to be a little more conservative then I will opt for on shoulder.

I decided to match this dress with a pink petticoat and pink chiffon headscarf, mainly because I thought these would compliment the yellow quite well. However, I also added my red Becca bag, which looks absolutely stunning alongside the dress too.

So another beautiful dress has won me over from Collectif!!

I'm going to miss doing these posts for a little while, but when I'm back I'm sure I will have lots of beautiful outfits to show you all!

Lots of Love & See You Soon!

Emma Victoria


Saturday, 26 July 2014

July in a Nutshell...

This is my last saturday post until October when I return from my break. I thought I'd just do a little picture post, just to sum July up really.

1. Beautiful Summer Walks with my dogs, Alice on her way up the forest in the car.
2. I made cupcakes for the first time in a long time
3. My best friend surprised me for my 19th Birthday.
4. Went to speedway and reunited with my friend after a huge argument which lasted months.
5. Inventing new cocktails for my birthday.
6. Enjoying a cosmopolitan cocktail when my parents went away.
7. Made my own birthday cake in white and pink polka dots.
8. Finding my dogs in strange places to keep cool in the hot weather.
9. Seeing my friend who I've not seen in over a year.

1. Modelling at Barnham Studio
2. OOTW of my new favourite dress
3. My facebook page hit over 400 likes
4. Shopping for new dresses in the sale.
5. Modelling at Barnham Studio (love this image!)
6. Modelling at Barnham Studio (Classy Bird!)
7. Going to speedway for the first time in over a year... I faced a fear.
8. Celebration Day at my brothers school.
9. Shopping and spending most of my month in Brighton... My favourite place.

After today's post I have Wednesday's OOTW which is my last post until October, I will still be checking my emails about once a week/once every 2 weeks and also on my Facebook page where I will still be posting probably on a daily basis/or as much as I can so I am still accessible to you guys!

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria


Wednesday, 23 July 2014

OOTW; Coral

So yesterday I popped to town, and my local Peacocks shop had a half price mid-summer sale! Happy Days! So I got a top, which is loose and baggy because of the hot weather, but I also got this rather beautiful dress!

Coral Peter Pan Dress, Peacocks - £16 (£8 on Sale)

Black Waist Belt, New Look - £2.99

Coral Bow Head Band, New Look - £5

Red and White Becca Bag, Collectif - £35

White Bow Wedges, Simply Be - £35
This outfit is simple, but really lovely and light for the heat we are having right now! My make-up is also just a little bit of white and 2 pink eyeshadows blended together with mascara and a tinted moisturiser which has SPF 15 in it too. Its just a little too hot for make-up and wearing lots of heavy clothing!
I just kept the whole outfit simple and effective, its perfect for strolling round the shops and also perfect for a business meeting, this dress is perfect for a number of different situations and definitely a good buy!

Hope you have a fab day my lovelies!

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria


Saturday, 19 July 2014

The Fear of the Swimsuit Kind...

If you know me personally, you've probably never seen me wearing a swimsuit. This is genuinley no word of a lie... The only time I actually put one on was for my Body Confidence post way back in October. But I finally decided to face my fear head on... and actually buy a swimsuit! In fact I actually bought 2!!!!

I'm going to be really honest about this now, I still don't feel as if I feel 'okay' in a swimsuit, I still feel nervous and still feel as if people stare at me funny if I wear one out in public. But I need to fight my fear, if I don't fight it now then I probably never will!

(Please bare in mind I took this images about 8 weeks ago but only got round to doing this post, I have lost weight in this time too).

The first swimsuit is this floral coral halterneck swimsuit from Peacocks, for £12 in a size 20. What I really like about this swimsuit is probably the fact that the bust actually is underwired, which is a god send for my boobs. The halter neck is an adjustable tie it yourself so you can have it give as much or as little support as you wish. I do really like the design of this swimsuit, and it is very feminine. 

The second swimsuit is from M&Co and this is just adorably retro and cute (and its polka dots and we all know I love polka dots).
I do feel a little more 'exposed' to my body in this swimsuit, and I do struggle looking at the mirror when wearing them. I think the mindset of not knowing what I look like helps me not realise my fear as much and what happens 'happens'. But overall the swimsuit is really nice, it is rather clingy so if you feel paranoid about your problem areas then bare this in mind. This is partially like a swimdress with the frilly skirt which sits on the hips. I got this in a size 20, I would like to lose a little weight to feel better in this costume but otherwise its really nice!

You can get the M&Co Swimsuit here along with other beautiful clothes & swimwear on their site!

I am hoping to get another swimsuit soon, so I might review that if it comes before I go on my break!

Love you lots

Emma Victoria


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

OOTW; The Marilyn

This weeks OOTW is inspire by the ever so gorgeous Marilyn Monroe.
It's been a while since I've dressed up like this, so I gave it another go!

By the way, I'm sorry for not putting a post up on Saturday! I had a surprise for my birthday, my friend came down without me knowing so never got round to writing the post on Friday neither did I have time on Saturday my actual birthday as I was in Brighton!

Black Pencil Skirt, Charity - £5

Sling back Heels, Peacocks - £12

Circular Sunglasses, Brighton Vintage Fair- £5


Vie Sheer Perfection in Light

2True Concealer in shade 1

H&M Dipliner

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in shade 'Reckless'

This look for me is just beautiful. I genuinely feel as if I'm Marilyn when I'm wearing this! I always have people stop me in the street for pictures with me too! I pretty much just mimicked the way her make-up was so oftenly done. My hair was meant to be in tighter curls, however because it had been so super backcombed the day before and it needed washing the curls decided to fall into looser curls!
I just rolled my fringe back with curlers and pinned for this look.

The outfit itself, enhances my curves phenomenal, I would normally opt for shape wear to wear underneath also, however decided not to for today.

This outfit and style always gets the attention when out in public, and you can embrace your inner elegance of being Marilyn for a day!

I also took this rather impromptu photo and I really like it!! 

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria


P.S If you have any outfit suggestions you'd like me to do then just say! I'm always open to new suggestions and what you guys want to see!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

OOTW; The 50's Teen

So today I have the most perfect look! I've had quite a few people ask me about doing a 50's teen outfit, so here is my take! Pretty similar to most, but its still super cute & preppy!

Freddie Top in Blush, Collectif  - £34.50
Inspire Navy Skinny Jeans, New Look - £12.99
(I've cut and sewn mine into capri's, tutorial will come soon!)

White Bobby Socks, eBay - £4

White Babycham Shoes, £20

Black Marilyn Cat Eye Sunglasses, Wear it Again Sam - £9.99

Make-up & Hair

Hair is in a 60's beehive.

Make-up is thick winged liner using the H&M Dipliner

Foundation is Collection 2000 16 hour Wear in Ivory
Concealer is 2True in Shade 1

Normally on my outfits I'm often in a dress and skirt, but I've finally found another outfit with trousers that I just absolutely love!

There is another cross-over of the era's here with the beehive and the outfit, 60's & 50's but they go so well together! Although, if you want an all 50's ensemble maybe set your hair in pincurls and pop it into a ponytail with a bow.

I went for thicker winged eyeliner, just for a more dramatic look, however you could also just have really fanned out eyelashes for a simpler/cutesy look.

The beehive is holding about a million bobby pins to hold it in place, but its probably the best I've ever done! I've also re-cut my fringe into shorter bangs, just as they were getting a little long and starting to go into my eyes.

If the weather gets a little chilly, add a cute cardigan. I've added my old cricket cardigan from New Look which I bought about 5 years ago, still super adorable and matches the outfit perfectly!

Anywho my dears! Enough chat from me today, I hope you like this look as much as I do!!

All I need now is a greaser boyfriend, a 50's diner and I'm good to go for summer!


Emma Victoria


Saturday, 5 July 2014

Review: M&S Stockings and Hold Ups!

Hello my dears! Okay, so today's post is a review, I've been asked over on my twitter by some lovely plus size ladies what I thought about the stockings I had bought for some photo shoots.

I'm going to be honest here, I was more of a stockings and suspenders sort of person, however, when I tried on some hold ups for a photo shoot I had back in April I fell in love (and became slightly obsessed). 

So I was a bit hesitant to actually go and buy hold-ups, y'know having thunder thighs and all. A friend recommend that I try the Big Tight's Company ; but I never got round to ordering, so I took a punt when I was in M&S and bought these in Black...
Sorry for my ill fitting bra in these... I was washing my bra's and this was the only clean spare one!
These are the 15 Denier Ladder Resist Shine Hold-Ups - these were only £5, so if they didn't fit there wasn't a huge amount of loss in money. I got mine in an XL, the biggest size they had, and they actually fit really well! They don't slip down when I walk, especially in public, which is an absolutely key factor when it comes to hold-ups. The stick adhesive is actually really good and does have a good stay, I only have to re-adjust every now and again so there is no qualms there. 

After absolutely loving the ones in black I did go out and also buy them in nude, cause you can never go wrong with nude stockings/hold-ups am I right?! I never really thought I'd be converted, but I seriously am. I really enjoy the feel of these; and especially with the ladder resist side, my friend and me bought a tester pair and punched some holes in to see if they would ladder... They didn't! The product does exactly what it said it should; and I really love the fact that a girl who fits into size 22 jeans with thanks to my thunder thighs fits into these lovely hold-ups.

You can buy them here

10 Denier - Illusion, Black, Nearly Black, Cocoa, Natural Tan, Ivory, Navy.

15 Denier - Black, Nearly Black, Nude.

Shoes are from Peacocks - £18

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria


P.S - I'm 19 a week today, ahh!!!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

OOTW; The Charlotte..


Hello darlings, me again!!

So after Saturday's post being rather a bit formal and sad (please read if you haven't already, it is rather important), so I decided to do the most adorable OOTW possible!!

White Chiffon Headscarf, eBay - £4

Lavender Charlotte Dress, Hell Bunny £30
(Size 16)

Marilyn Cat Eye Sunglasses, Wear it Again Sam - £9.99

Peep Toe Slingbacks, Peacocks - £12

MUA Luxe Lip Lacquer, shade 'Reckless'

White Barry M Polish
Blue Sparkle Barry M Polish
I cannot get enough of this look, its just perfect and cute all rolled into one! I definitely get that cute 50's teen feel with this outfit, it makes my figure look fab by enhancing my curves and sits just on the knee making it not too short!

I'm currently using a new red lipstick, which I've discovered! I really love the velvet finish to the lips when using this lacquer, although it dried my lips out at first it did give an amazing effect!


Overall this dress ticks all the boxes... The skirt has amazing movement and is perfect for twirling in! This dress is fairly similar to the Gretel in all fairness, it has an adorable trim on the bottom of the skirt, and a thicker trim on the bust and pockets with a ribbon to tighten the top for cleavage (I went for the full on in your face boob cleavage, because I wanted a 'sexier' edge to the cute 50's teen). 

 I also really like the fact this dress has pockets... Sometimes when I go out, I just take my purse and phone and not a handbag, and the deep pockets on this dress make it perfect for me not have to carry everything in my hands. As said above the light material on this skirt is perfect for twirling, I often test without a petticoat just to see how well the skirt flows and this one definitely gets my seal of approval!

Since losing about 15lbs over the past few months, I've dropped drastically in my Hell Bunny sizes in clothes, I used to wear a 20/22 but now I'm actually fitting into 16 and 18's a bit better. I tried on my Bobbi Lee dress the other day and I'm slightly sad in the fact its too big for me, so I'll probably have to tailor that down.

Overall the Charlotte dress is a perfect light dress for summer, I'm completely loving Gingham patterns this summer and this lives up to my satisfaction/collection of gingham!

Love you lots

Emma Victoria