Wednesday, 29 October 2014

OOTW & Tutorial; Halloween Dead Diner Doll

Halloween is only 2 days away! I conjured up this really cute yet creepy Halloween look - it covers adorable retro chic, my favourite brand of clothing and being totally creepy and creative!

Here are the links to last years Halloween ideas!Rockabilly Zombie
Vintage Broken Doll
Seductive Devil
Dead Slutty Barbie Doll


Pink Cynthia Doll Dress, Collectif - £89 .50
White Bobby Socks, eBay - £5
Black Creepers, New Look - £12

Make-Up and Hair Tutorial

Step 1 First off you need to prime your face, I used a basic primer which I had come in a set. I primed my whole face so that the face paint would sit better.

Step 2 After priming, prepare your face paint - I used the Snazaroo face paint in White (you can use any strong pigmented face paint - this is the only one I can use as I'm allergic to others). I did about 2 layers of face paint and blended to make it smooth. When doing the first layer, apply and then smooth out, leave to dry before applying another coat.

Step 3 I then went on to use a blue shimmer dust to contour my face, again for a more dead look. I used a angled brush for a harsh line and then blended out using a blusher brush.

Step 4 Moving onto the eyes. I want a very harsh look to my eyes, seeing as I need to look creepy and dead I used dark greys and blacks. I heavily went over my under eye with a black eye-liner and then smudged this out used a Q-Tip. On the actual eyelids, I used a shimmery grey all over the lid, including the inner corner of my eye, and then in my crease I did a thick blended out line of black. I then used my liquid eyeliner to give myself a medium thickness wing. I tend not to wear false eyelashes (personal preference) so I just used my Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara.

Step 5 The next step is the scars. I used the same liquid liner I used on my eyes to make the scars. These are pretty easy and basic and you just need a steady hand. (I also added a beauty spot!) I then made some fake blood, using an old cheap red lipstick I don't used along with some Vaseline, I then added a scrapping of black eye-shadow to make the colour a bit darker. The gloss of the Vaseline in the light gives the scar a fresh bleeding effect (simple but effective!) I then filled the scars in and over with the fake blood. For the scar under the eye I made a gap between the two centre lines of the scar (seeing left above image) - this is an open wound, its the same process, just fill in the gap with the fake blood.

Step 6 The lips - I used my Rimmel Dark Berry Lipstick I got for winter last year (I love dark berry shades for Autumn and Winter). After applying my lipstick as normal, I added some black eyeshadow to the corners and outer line of my lips and rubbed my lips together for a dark red/purpley/black effect!

Step 7 The last step is the hair. I did a simple messy beehive, just cause its simple, easy and easy to make a mess of! I split my hair into two, I put the lower back half into a high ponytail where I want the beehive to sit, and the other half a bun on my head till I have the ponytail where I want. I then back comb the ponytail and fold it over itself, pinning the hair on the underside (use as many pins are you wish on this part, it will be covered over. I then took the rest of my hair, back combed it and put it over the now back combed folded over ponytail and pinned. I then took a comb and just made the beehive messy!

And your done!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! (Go be creepy...)

Emma Victoria


Saturday, 25 October 2014

Why Can't I Run... & Fitness Revelations

So let me explain the first part of the title... Its not that I can't physically run, I can, I have been properly for a little while now; but why can't I run WITHOUT people staring at me (my tits) as I run.

It makes me feel like I'm some sort of show, and its horrible! I just want to make myself feel good by going for a run, to help me lose weight and get fit - but I can't without a load of people staring at my bouncing bosoms.

And let me just justify here too... It isn't just men, I'm not slamming men at all, but women stare at me too! Both are as bad as each other, and both make me feel like my boobs are an attraction and they have a right to stare at them... which they do not.

Now for the other part... my fitness revelations. I've always, and I mean always, hated doing

fitness/exercise in public or near other people. If I went to my old gym, I'd go at a time where there is no one around, and I mean no one, the only person is the 2 Personal Trainers and the receptionist.

But since doing my short little road runs a few times a week, I've never (touch wood) yet had anyone laugh at me for going for a run. If anything I've had people say nice things to me; for example...

"Keep going, you're doing great!"

"Work Hard, Get rewards... you're great girl!"

And it's been a total wake-up call that people haven't laughed at me, and my attempt at running. If anything people are happy I'm making an effort.

I just want to clarify as I'm going to write a little more about my lifestyle changes and healthy eating (notice I said healthy eating, NOT a diet!) that I'm doing this for myself, my health and my fitness. This isn't to benefit anyone but myself.

I currently feel a bit horrible in my body at the moment, and I'm not going to get skinny, that isn't my aim. I just want to be fit, healthy and able to do a few more things which may have suppressed me in the past and to feel happy and comfortable in my body. I'm not getting skinny, so please pretty please don't have that rant at me!!

Emma Victoria


Saturday, 18 October 2014

Holiday - Butlins Skegness

This post is going to be a bit picture heavy, but I really wanted to show you some pictures from my holiday with my best friend.

(Also yesterday I put up a 'Winter Essentials' video up on my YouTube! Don't forget to check it out!) 

So, me and my best friend Danielle decided we really needed to get away just for a few days, and with both of us at the time, on a low income, we decided we would take a trip to Butlins in Skegness! We had loads of fun (and loads of alcohol) and here is a few pictures of our trip! We went from the 1st September to the 5th and we had a 5 hour train journey to get there and back, but it was all totally worth it! (Even our horrendous hangovers on Thursday morning.. No regrets!)

We saw the Redcoat Show (AH-MA-ZING)
Drunken Selfies...
Sand Writing
Beach Poser
We saw the Ragdolls - they were phenomenal!
Me drinking one of the many (too many?) cocktails we had
We saw a dead Jellyfish on our beach walk (RIP Little Guy)
Sat on the Butlins deckchair (cheesy smile)
First night early drinks... 
We both had our own pictures with the Ragdolls!

I really like doing picture posts like this!! I might do them a bit more often, like each month a small collab of images? I dont know. But I hope you liked this little snappy post!!

Emma Victoria


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

OOTW; We Aim To Please, Mr Grey...

So after Saturday's book review I had a fair few emails asking me if I could do an OOTW based on Anastasia from Fifty Shades. So here is a take of one of the smarter outfits which  I'd imagine she'd wear/I'd wear if I were her...

Black lace underwear set, Peacocks Size 18-20 - £14 (Similar here)
(Includes bra/vest shaper with a thong)

Nude Hold-Ups, M&S size XL - £5


Black Peplum Dress, Peacocks size 20 - £14

Black Knit Cardigan, Peacocks size 18 - £12

Leopard Print Belt, New Look - £3.50

Black Suede Court Heels, Next - £25

- Collection 2000 Concealer in Light
- 2True Concealer in shade 1
- Collection 2000 Foundation in Light 
- Natural Collection Face Powder in Neutral
- Victoria Jackson 24/7 Makeover Portfolio palette (Using the Neutrel Baby Pink and Gold Dust Champagne shadows over the lid and the Coffee Brown Champagne in the crease)

- Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara
- Barry M clear lip gloss

Hair is in a simple back combed side bun.

I did in fact wear this to a meeting I had in London at a very posh/high end company/business and I did get the looks a lot, but mainly because of how young I was I think! My hold-ups managed to withstand the whole 13 hour day too, so I was very impressed with that!

I chose this particular outfit because I know in the books, Christian is always banging on about Ana wearing dresses/skirts which may be a little too short - and I find with this dress, it just sits on the boundary of too short ever so slightly, as we know Ana likes to test Christian a lot in the books! As said above, I did attract a lot of attention in this outfit, mainly because of the effect I had on the staff i the building with my age and such, but I had a lot of compliments from the lovely ladies on reception who made me feel very welcome! Ideally I'd imagine Ana would wear this when she goes to work or maybe when she goes to Christian's parents house for his birthday possibly. It kind of has the multi-wear factor - as Ana dresses quite smart when she is with Christian, what with his high standards an all... For my make-up I wanted a very simple look, as Ana tends not to wear much make-up. I went for a light smokey eye look, mainly using champagne colours on the lids on my eyes and didn't add any eyeliner just a few strokes of mascara. My hair again was simple yet elegant in a simple back combed bun, for that relaxed look so as not too look too stiff and still friendly - a bit like Ana!

Well I hope you liked this little take on a Ana Fifty Shades outfit!

Emma Victoria


(P.S Don't forget to check out the first episode of Tea Time on my YouTube - leave me some questions for the next episode!)

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Book Review; Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy

Okay okay, I know what you're thinking "everyone's read Fifty Shades, everyone knows about it" BUT I only just read the books in September, a few years after everyone else and the initial release. I tend to do this mainly so no one can tell me what happens when they see I'm reading it, and I like doing things out of the hype.

So, normally, I wouldn't talk about anything so personal, but this book has really brought it out into the light for me, I do enjoy these sexual erotic books - they reflect how I may feel, or what its like to be in that situation, a sense of escapism. I do enjoy being tied up, I have been for personal reasons and for modelling work which I've done. I enjoy it.

So I'm going to address each book one by one... I'm going to try and not spoil anything for those who are interested in reading but haven't yet, so what I write will be rather cryptic.

Fifty Shades of Grey (Book 1)

I took the first book on holiday with me, knowing I wouldn't finish it, because when I read, I read about 1 chapter at a time, but with this book I read about 7 chapters at a time. My best friend had to try and stop me from reading, I probably could've finished the book by the Wednesday (I started reading it on the train journey on Monday to my holiday) but I tried to savour the book so I could read some for the journey back... Which was unsuccessful. 

I really enjoyed the first book, and I really mean enjoyed. I kept giggling and got so wrapped up into it, I swear my life became a vortex, everything made me question what was going to happen with Ana and Christian, what does he really want, what are his problems, I questioned everything. I completely love how the book is written.  I personally adore Ana's character, I like how weak she can be, but so passionate and open minded, and super curious; in a way, I can see myself in Ana. In all honesty, I kind of cried at the end of the book, I couldn't believe Ana and what she had done, I wanted to kind of shake her and shout at her, but at the same time, I understood why she did what she had done.

Honestly, I'm gonna be pretty shallow and obvious here but I also completely adore Christian's character, although not so much in this book, more so in the second. I think the best part of Christian for me personally, was how quickly he had mood changes, like the slightest thing effected him. I saw this as a highlight mainly because, it brought a sense of urgency and unknown to his character - unpredictability.

I really like the fact that EL James stretched the fact in the book, that if anything was to happen it would be on Ana's terms, hence why Christian offers what he does. I did find this book did have a bad reputation at first, I still do now. I have found a lot of people think this book is about an abusive relationship which it is far from. From my perspective of reading, its an erotic novel based on the ideas of SOFT  (yes, soft, I know what hard is.) BDSM relationships. There is much worse that could

have been done, and Ana in fact asked for the worst (you'll know what I mean if you've read it).

I'm personally not a fan of books which takes the plot super slowly, like this book is based over just a few weeks, however, I'm swayed. I love the details and the depth EL James has gone into in this book, I love the sex scenes and how they've been written and how they develop. My favourite sex scene in this book is probably when Christian says to Ana it's all about touch...

LOVE - The plot, the sex, the characters - EVERYTHING. The perfect 1st book to a Trilogy in my honest opinion.
HATE - I can't really fault anything at all!

Fifty Shades Darker (Book 2)
Personally, I really enjoyed this book, as this flourishes the characters into a whole new light, and how they must adapt to each other, the differences between them and their relationship. At the beginning of the book it continues straight on from the first, however a few days later. Ana has been away from Christian; but things change very quickly.

I really didn't expect the plot to take the turn that it did, but I think it was a good move, however an obvious one. I think Ana does represent how a lot of women feel though, with her self-

confidence low, and that she isn't attractive, like she doesn't understand why she gets so much attention, good move EL James!

Personally, I really like the second book, just as much, if not a smidgen more then the first. I like how this book delves a lot more into Christian and his problems, I find you can understand his character a lot more, why he acts the way he does and why he is so possessive over controlling everything.

Again, I cried at this book... more then three times (is that even acceptable?) but I'm only going to tell you three of them. One was when Leila (one of Christian's exes) is out after them (I will say no more unless you read it!), and I totally feel for Ana when she is with Ethan (her friends brother), I kind of want to get drunk with her. Another, when Christian couldn't be found (I cried for several reasons, not only when they couldn't find him, but why couldn't they, and Ana's reaction to it all just broke my heart in two). And one of the other times was near the end of the book, all I'm saying is... Christian's Birthday, his parents house, the boathouse.... That is all.

This book had be enthralled into it and with the Characters. I read this book in under 2 and a half days it was that good... My favourite sex scene would have to be on the billiard table...

LOVE- Understanding Christian a lot more, the HUGE event towards to the end of the book (which I can't say for those who haven't read the book!)
HATE - Ana's boss (he's just a dick to be really honest).

Fifty Shades Freed (Book 3)

If I'm going to be brutally honest, the first few chapters confused the hell out of me. I have no idea whether we are in the present, the future or the past. I would say, for me, that it just feels like EL James is counter referencing, like flashbacks. Had this have been written as it happens in the present, maybe it would unfold a little differently and be less confusing; but I don't know.

I did find that the book lacked the thorough detail it had in the first 2 books for example at the big event at the start of Freed (again, I'm being cryptic so I don't ruin it for others). It was a perfect chance to really delve and explore their compassion and love, but it all just seemed a bit rushed to me... Which I found disappointing.

However, for me, the redeeming part (and the best part) I found was that the sex in book 3 is MUCH more entertaining and better then in the first two. They are more experimental and Ana gets more of an insight into what Christian likes, and soon finds that she actually grows to like it too.

When I get into something, I get into it pretty deep, so I've really been grasped into this book - which is a sure fire way to know I like something, cause if I don't like it, I get bored and stop doing it (bad attitude I know, but that's me) but I just can't but these books down, the plot in book 3 is drama filled, and kept my heart racing quite a lot. I think by chapter eleven I was already a pool of emotions - and for me, I felt like I was in Ana's shoes, like I was in her situation.

I do have to say though, I'm not a big fan of how quickly the book would jump days, the first 2 books had most days in concession of each day, but in Freed days were jumped a lot more, and I think good scenes in the book, which could've added a real depth to it, where missed or jumped forward; which I personally think is a real shame.

LOVE - The Sex Scenes & Ana standing up for herself more (and the car chase... and the sex after the car chase...)
HATE - The drama towards the end of the chapters - I was genuinely scared for Ana for several reasons - one being Christian.

I loved this Trilogy; I managed to read all 3 books in just under 2 weeks. I can't remember the last time I read a book, let alone 3 books in such a short amount of time. If someone was to say to me to re-read these books in 2 weeks time, I'd accept happily. The Characters are so well developed and renowned, its really made me want to find my real life Christian Grey (it would help if he was a multi-millionaire too, but hey... a girl can dream). I also love how EL James writes the emails in the book... Christians signature's would really make me crack up with that schoolgirl giggle sometimes! I always looked forward to reading their emails in the book!

My favourite out of all three would definitely be Fifty Shades Darker, I love the progress of the characters and how the develop, argue, flourish and find where each of themselves stand; both in a way, finding their true identities, which have been shielded away or yet to be uncovered fully.

"Do you think there's potential for a fourth book?" I think there is plenty of story to carry it on from a few years later and/or Christian's perspective like we get at the end of Freed in the "Meet Fifty Shades" section. I think EL James would have a tough task writing a fourth though, as it would need to be on the same level, if not better then the first three to recapture the readers (Although I'd die if there was a fourth book I'd want to read it right away!).

However, I'm now moving onto another series of books, again which are erotic fiction. If you enjoyed this review, please let me know, and I will post a review of the next series that I'm reading!

Emma Victoria


Saturday, 4 October 2014

"Emma, Where Were You?"...

Image, MUA & Post-Processing - Chris Barnham Studio
Its been a little while hasn't it my dears? I do hope you enjoyed my first post back on Wednesday with the outfit. I thought today I'd just do a little catch-up post, a bit of a lengthy one, just so I can contain some of the things I've done over my 2 month break and whats going to be changing on the blog for the near future.

So... lets get the boring yet vital bit out of the way. The blog is going to change a bit, nothing huge or anything, but I just want to not restrict myself. What I mean is I don't want the blog just to be known as a beauty blog, a lifestyle blog, or a fashion blog. I want my blog to be about me and what I enjoy. So I'm probably going to do some posts which are slightly more personal, what I might be doing, my ideas, just thoughts, book reviews, I may even just post a simple picture post without any writing. Like an inspiration board, a positivity board etc. I want the blog to reflect me as a single person, not just the things I'm interested in.

The schedule is also changing ever so slightly... Instead of an outfit post every week, I'll be doing them every 2 weeks... Due to some reasons in my personal life, which are explained below, I won't have time to document an outfit a week or do a lengthy post on a saturday each week, so I hope this is okay!

As you know, I also took a break from modelling, mainly because I felt a lot of stress, paranoia and my self-confidence slightly getting to me, and honestly, I needed the break, its given me time to brain storm, re-think where I want to take my modelling, what I want to achieve. I only had one shoot during this time and it was with my regular studio who I work with (Barnham Studio), and again it was a short shoot where we got some simple work done. (Images below from shoot)


Being Fancy
Well on the 6th September, I ended up going to a fancy ball. And by fancy I mean, really fancy. Pretty much all the people there were wealthy, posh and they were wearing designer dresses, I felt like bursting into tears like I wouldn't fit in or anything, but I had never been welcomed so beautifully into a community. Despite not being rich or particularly posh I managed to grasp onto how to become a real lady that evening with thanks to Oscar who accompanied me and taught me some etiquette. Due to the prestige of the event I wasn't allowed to take pictures of the place we went to or the event itself, as they had professional photographers and such, but as we drove up the drive (and yes, we had a posh car thanks to my chaperone who is a bit well off, we didn't get the bus! We went in a black Mercedes, although I don't know what type, I'm a bit dumb when it comes to cars) the mansion was lit up in the dark night sky, we arrived at around 9.30pm and I had never seen anything more beautiful in my life, I'm glad I went for a simple look for this event. 

I was taught how to dance in a long formal dress, I was taught about classical music, as to which I now can't stop listening to (Pachelbel's Canon in D Major is definitely one of my favourites now!), I was taught all about the cutlery, how to eat properly, and a whole host of other things. And the best part was, the fact we had a very rich entrepreneur and his utterly gorgeous wife on our table, they helped me and spoke to me as if I were one of them. They even told me I'd be perfect to have a rich husband... still hope for me yet!

I kept my make-up super simple, and even opted to wear no eyeliner to try and be as natural as possible. I used 2 concealers, a tinted moisturiser, Collection Foundation for my face along with the Bourjois Rose D'Or blush. I stuck to a soft champagne and soft pink for my eye shadows to reminiscence elegance but to also just make my eyes pop a little, I used a light brown in the crease, and slightly blended out towards the outer eye for a small smoky effect. I just used a simple gold lip gloss on my lips. And I just used my Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara on my lashes. I wore tear-drop earrings, starting with pale blue crystals and the last pendant was black which then flowed perfectly into my dress with the blue responding to my blue eyes. For my hair I went for a back combed side bun, very elegant and very easy to do. This whole look was achieved in under an hour, all by me. Not bad if I say so myself!

I got a new job!

Remember I got really fed up with my old job, which had rubbish pay (and by rubbish I mean below minimum wage). I worked about 39/40 hours a week, despite my contract which they breached and my wage per annum was about £9,500 just below. However, now I have a new job at a place I'm really excited about working at! My wage after tax is about £13,800 pa - which is a HUGE increase!
I do have to become a real financial bore now though, seeing as I need to start saving for a deposit to move out, I need to start a pension fund for when I'm older etc. So, things are getting real, I'm finally an adult. I'm not really THAT excited about it, but we all have to grow up... I guess.

The Blog
Yes I finally gave the blog another make-over... I might even stay with this one... who knows! I hope you like it! I've gone for the white. black and red approach. I don't know why, the pink just bored me a bit I guess!

A-Level Results
So I got my English Language A-Level result in August. I wasn't hugely pleased with it, but I was never an exam person anyway, I did do really well in half the exam though and got an unexpected high score in it but the other seemed to be less great. Despite my slight (expected) disappointment - I've decided I still want to carry on writing and doing reviews and stuff like that! So I thought of also encorporating articles into this blog as well as more reviews, like film, books, and other things like CD's which may take of interest too. Let me know if that is something you'd be interested in, or anything you want me to do!

Well I think that's it, I'm doing a picture post of my holdiay soon and now planning posts to put up for you guys!!

Emma Victoria


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

OOTW; Pretty Perfect

I'm back my lovelies! Feels like forever since I've posted here, even though its only been 2 months. So, seeing as we are now hitting Autumn/Winter I think its time to crack on with the warmer outfits - but we can still look stylish wrapped up too!

Just to let you know, I'm not doing a new Halloween Outfit for each week like last year, as sadly I don't have the time as I work full time & model part time now. (Sorry! I might be able to conjure something up though!)

Patsy Herringbone Skirt, Collectif - £72 .50
Alice Top in Pink - Collectif - £15
Cream Gail Bolero, Collectif - £45
White Lace Bobby Socks, eBay - £3
Pink Double Flower Clip, eBay - £4
Black Belt, New Look - £4 (in a pair)
Pixie Boots, Clarks - £50 (5 years old, now discontinued)
Ivory Pearl Necklace, Collectif - £15
So you can probably see I'm still very much obsessed with Collectif... I'm always in and out of the Brighton store now days, and slowly becoming part of the furniture!

Collection 16 hour Foundation in Ivory
Collection 16 hour Concealer in Ivory
2True Concealer in 01
Bourjois Blush in shade Rose D'Or
Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner
Bourjois Clubbing Liner (Liquid) - Ultra Black
Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara
Bourjois 'Rouge Edition' Lipstick in Shade 03

Barry Hi-Shine Gelly Nail Polish in Greenberry (Green) & Grapefruit 

I actually bought the skirt in the summer in Collectif when rumaging through the sale section in the Brighton Store, last skirt and in my size and I knew I had to have it! The skirt is a super thick Herringbone material and the quality is absolutely fantastic! It has a silk underskirt for that extra layer of warmth in the winter. The skirt is very heavy if I'm going to be honest, for some people this may raise an issue but not for myself personally. (I'm not sure if Collectif are bringing this skirt back for the AW14 Collection or not this year). I'm completely in love with the Alice top, its so basic yet so pretty and perfect to match with several different outfits! I just tied my hair up into a simple high ponytail and added a cute little flower clip for the perfect look. This look is so warm and cuddly that I totally can't wait for it to get a little colder so I can appreciate its cosyness even more!

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria