Wednesday, 15 October 2014

OOTW; We Aim To Please, Mr Grey...

So after Saturday's book review I had a fair few emails asking me if I could do an OOTW based on Anastasia from Fifty Shades. So here is a take of one of the smarter outfits which  I'd imagine she'd wear/I'd wear if I were her...

Black lace underwear set, Peacocks Size 18-20 - £14 (Similar here)
(Includes bra/vest shaper with a thong)

Nude Hold-Ups, M&S size XL - £5


Black Peplum Dress, Peacocks size 20 - £14

Black Knit Cardigan, Peacocks size 18 - £12

Leopard Print Belt, New Look - £3.50

Black Suede Court Heels, Next - £25

- Collection 2000 Concealer in Light
- 2True Concealer in shade 1
- Collection 2000 Foundation in Light 
- Natural Collection Face Powder in Neutral
- Victoria Jackson 24/7 Makeover Portfolio palette (Using the Neutrel Baby Pink and Gold Dust Champagne shadows over the lid and the Coffee Brown Champagne in the crease)

- Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara
- Barry M clear lip gloss

Hair is in a simple back combed side bun.

I did in fact wear this to a meeting I had in London at a very posh/high end company/business and I did get the looks a lot, but mainly because of how young I was I think! My hold-ups managed to withstand the whole 13 hour day too, so I was very impressed with that!

I chose this particular outfit because I know in the books, Christian is always banging on about Ana wearing dresses/skirts which may be a little too short - and I find with this dress, it just sits on the boundary of too short ever so slightly, as we know Ana likes to test Christian a lot in the books! As said above, I did attract a lot of attention in this outfit, mainly because of the effect I had on the staff i the building with my age and such, but I had a lot of compliments from the lovely ladies on reception who made me feel very welcome! Ideally I'd imagine Ana would wear this when she goes to work or maybe when she goes to Christian's parents house for his birthday possibly. It kind of has the multi-wear factor - as Ana dresses quite smart when she is with Christian, what with his high standards an all... For my make-up I wanted a very simple look, as Ana tends not to wear much make-up. I went for a light smokey eye look, mainly using champagne colours on the lids on my eyes and didn't add any eyeliner just a few strokes of mascara. My hair again was simple yet elegant in a simple back combed bun, for that relaxed look so as not too look too stiff and still friendly - a bit like Ana!

Well I hope you liked this little take on a Ana Fifty Shades outfit!

Emma Victoria


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