Wednesday, 10 December 2014

OOTW; A Vintage Christmas

Today I have a classically elegant outfit for you, perfect for the chillier days which we are in now...
I don't sport trousers much, but I seriously can't get enough of my Swing Trousers from Collectif. I've been moving a little away from the 50's over the last few weeks, I still pretty much live that era, but I've been dabbling further back into the 40's, 30's and even more so the 20's (I've watched Gatsby far too many times in recent weeks).

So I just wanted a simple look, swing trousers, jumper, coat, something I'm probably going to wear to Winter Wonderland this weekend. I've just been enjoying playing around with different era's lately. Something I may do more often.

Red & White Nordic Jumper, Next - Around £25
(Bought as a Gift to me)
New Look Black Cinch Belt - £5
Frankie Swing Trousers, Collectif - £45
Red Chiffon Head Scarf, eBay - £4

This outfit is mainly based around the crossover of the 1930's to the 1940's. Although this coat is just so darlingly versatile, it could even pass for the 20's. I just love crossing era's over. This outfit is just a simple throw together of several things. Underneath I just have a vest, usual underwear and a pair of tights  and fluffy socks to keep me cosy warm.

My make-up is just the usual thin winged liner with beautiful round lips. I made my cupids bow really prominent and went above my natural line for a more dramatic look. I used the MUA Luxe lip lacquer in colour 'Reckless'. I've also just been putting my fringe into a mini pomp lately as I'm indecisive as to what to do with it... Keep it or grow it out?

For my eye's I just went for a faint look of the green on the inner lid blended with white eyeshadow and glittery red eyeshadow on the outer lid for that extra little Christmasy look. I also managed to get a super thin wing for my liner by using the Bourjois Clubbing Liner in Ultra Black - perfect if you want a subtle wing without being too obvious.

See you Saturday - where I'm doing the Christmas Tag! I was tagged by the lovely Eclectic Bex - make sure you go give this girl's blog a look, fab little lady!

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