Wednesday, 14 January 2015

OOTW; Das Rock Haus Skirt Review

Today's OOTW is the first of 2015 and its a review of the gorgeous Das Rock Haus Olga Wrap Skirt!


White Long Sleeved Top, Novelle - £8
Long Apple Pendant, New Look - £5 (discontinued)
Stone Patent Double T-Bar Pumps, New Look - £7
Coral Headband, New Look - £5

When the lovely Fiza contacted me about reviewing a skirt for Das Rock Haus I immediately jumped at the chance! The choice of skirts are wonderful and they are all so pretty and beautiful! Fiza and me discussed which would be best and I had a look, but I fell in love with the Olga and I'm so thrilled with the way it looks. Seeing as the skirt came from Singapore, I expected what with the Royal Mail for the skirt to take a little while to arrive but it arrived in 5 days which took me by surprise! When the skirt arrived it came in this wonderful mesh bag, with the ribbons tied in a bow. I completely loved the presentation of the skirt too, it was just the extra touch that makes the difference!

The fastenings are hook and eye fastenings which I honestly love, it's a more comfortable fit and no buttons coming off or loose! All you need to do is, take your measurements and the skirt's fastenings are done to your measurements for a perfect fit - which I honestly LOVE! I always have a problem when it comes to the 'right' size on my waist, and I think this is the perfect idea for an amazing fit!

I honestly love the fit on my figure - I'm an hourglass (with a little extra sand!) and I really love how this comfortably sits on my waist and doesn't dig in when I sit down. The wrap around skirt also helps to weight the skirt down a little so no awkward moments of the skirt flaring up when its a bit windy. I'm not wearing any shape wear with this skirt either. This skirt will be perfect for the hot Spring and Summer to come!

The skirt is a light weight material with a gorgeous triple bow detail on the top hem of the skirt - its the perfect touch to this already stunning skirt!

I give the Olga Wrap Skirt a 10/10!


Emma Victoria