Saturday, 4 July 2015

Rub A Dub Dub - My Basket of Goodies!

Another beauty related post! I thought I'd share with you all my stash of body goodies that I use when I want to feel luxurious, beautiful and when I want to smell divine. This is my little basket of goodies, some of these were gifted to me and others were either given to me, or I bought myself - I have a huge mixture of bits and bobs that I've accumulated! And some of these products may be familiar, others may not! So have a nosy at my stash!

Body Creams
I have 4 different body creams and butters. I'm currently using my Morrisons Cocoa body butter and then will be moving onto my Johnson's cream.
My cocoa body butter is definitely one of my favourites I will repurchase when I run low on my last pot that I have of body cream. Its completely affordable, available at Morrisons and smells divine!
The Johnson's bedtime cream is also super soft and I love putting this on when I've freshly shaved my legs!
I'll be using my Sanctuary Spa Body Butter in conjunction with my other products at the same time (because I adore using matching products!)
And we all know I just love Soap and Glory - vintage, cute, adorable, and bloody amazing products! I've used the righteous butter millions of times before and I've never been disappointed!
Hand and Foot Creams
I'll start with the Sanctuary Spa Hand Cream, I'll be reviewing this in detail with my other SS products at a later date, but what I will say is I love the smell of this and it makes my hands feel fab!
Again, we can see I have 2 Soap and Glory products - I have the Hand Food and Heel Genius.
The Hand Food is a product that, again, I've used a million times. It smells dleicious, and makes my hands feel amazing, especially in the dry and humid summer! I get dry hands quite badly so always have one of these on hand! I currently have a hand food in my handbag also.
I also have really bad dry and cracked heels on my feet (tmi sorry!) and this does help a little. I wouldn't say its a miracle product; but it does help! I probably need something with more strength but this will do!
I have all sorts of soaps! These are some that are in my basket! All of these were gifted to me! I love them, they are so cute! I can't wait to get round to using them! My best friend bought me some before (the two on the bottom) and they smelled amazing, so I can't wait to open one of these beauties again!
I also love body shop one as its my favourite thing ever... Shea Butter! I adore Shea Butter - its amazing!!
Body Scrubs
You can't beat a good old scrub! Again you can see I have my ongoing love for Soap and Glory (my friends know me way too well!) and I'll admit, I do have an undying love for Soap and Glory if you  hadn't guessed. These two are great for when I'm travelling as they are travel size - although I haven't been away or travelling for ages, so I might hold them back for when I do.
Body Washes & Gels
Again the S&G Clean on me appears... this has been regularly in my pocession ever since this product was released. I've always had a Clean on Me whether it be travel size or the big bottle - I LOVE it! I also have the SS Body Wash - this smells amazing, and I just love the hue of orange too!
A new product is the Daisy Eau So Fresh Shower Gel - this came with my perfume in a gift set, and I haven't tried it yet, but it smells magnificent!
Body Lotions
Sometimes I don't always grab the body butter - sometimes I like a light lotion, especially in the hot summers! These are just some of my favourites that I have!
I love the So.. Sinful lotion because it smells amazing, and sinful is my middle name!
The Johnsons Baby naturals cream is also amazing, I use this with after sun when I'm burnt in the summer and its smells amazing and makes my skin feel cooler too.
It's a Skin Thing I got as part of a set, I personally find this lotion extremely watery - its not one I'd re-purchase if it was sold singularly.
The Feather and White one I'm currently using along with the body wash - I love this little bottle and its cute!
I haven't used the Marc Jacobs one yet because I haven't used the body wash, but it smells magnificent and is one I'm extremely excited to use!
Last but not least is the good old Vaseline - this is perfect for dry skin which I get badly in the summer - use a generous amount of this and it will work a complete dream!
Body Sprays
I love to smell sexy and demure - its something that gives me confidence to smell amazing. If I smell sexy and divine, then hopefully a man will too (lets hope that doesn't make me sound desperate...)
Again we see the Soap and Glory Glam-A-Lot Soft and Sexy Fragrant Body Spray - its so lovely. It has a demure musky scent and is just gorgeous... I've re-purchased this about 6 times previously after being gifted it.
I also again love the So...? Sinful - its that sort of strong, dominant sort of fragrance, so if you want a subtle application, I'd only use a little of this!