Saturday, 1 August 2015

What's in my Cupboard? - Medical Box!

Today I'm going to be doing a post about my little medical box. This is just a box of a few essentials I use or need - I stock up these products when they get low.

This is mainly a picture post but it may be helpful for some people if they wish to have their own medical box and know what to put into it!

I keep a tube of Deepfreeze for when I do super intense workouts, I also have Deepheat but my dad is boring it at the moment.
I also keep some Thrush Cream, after my super bad time of having it (and having it misdiagnosed several times). Its really handy for the ladies, and I cannot recommend how helpful it is, especially having such horrible things like Thrush going on 'down there'.

I keep a tube of Sudocreme - I don't know anyone who doesn't really have Sudocreme about. Its helpful for so many things (and I sometimes use it when having bad spot outbreaks!)
I always keep a tin of Vaseline as well, its super handy. When I'm really poorly I get dry lips, especially when I had borderline pneumonia - its super handy and great for the odd other thing too you may need it for!

I always keep some tape, remember the days at school when you had to use this to cover your earrings? God I hated it! However I bought this for when I broke my toes last year and I've just had it since - I may need it for a bandage one day, who knows! Its good if you have no plasters too!
I have the obligatory tissues - you just have to have tissues!
I also have Olbas Oil which is a dream for when you have a cold! Add a few drops into boiling water, put your face over it and cover your head with a towel - it will seriously help you clear your airways!
And I have tweezers.. I wont forget when I had a thorn stuck in my foot and couldn't get it out. Tweezers are definitely good for more then just eyebrows!

A thermometer is a must - mine was a few pounds from Lloyds Pharmacy. You really need a thermometer if you don't have one!

Yes, another female product. I had super bad Cystitis at the same time as Thrush, and I've have had it a few times as well after that so it does come in handy to have.

I also have nurofen which I need to buy more of since having these constant headaches. Nurofen or Ibuprofen is something I always have in the house!

Plasters are amazing! I love these particular ones, although I do think they never stay on when you go in water, but I haven't found a plaster that has yet really! However these are very durable!

Anthisan is great for all them bites you get especially in the summer! Definitely an essential I always carry round with me!

Hope you enjoyed this and gave you a few ideas my lovelies!

Emma Victoria