Thursday, 31 December 2015

A Happy New Year!

Just so you are all aware, I'm having to schedule this post as I'm away over New Year (I was also away for the majority of Christmas too!)...

I know I've often been away from my blog this year, however taking a backseat has mean't lots of other things have happened in my life; I started 2015 completely pessimistic that it would be a good year, I knew things were going to go wrong "like every other year" so I went to bed early and didn't bother. Guess what? Bad things happened. BUT the most important thing I learnt was...

No matter how many bad things happen, good will happen to. We have the go through the bad to appreciate the good things that happen to us. Its the rollercoaster of life - and how we handle them, reflects on the type of person we are

I've grown up so much this year and so much has changed; below is a little month by month(and Positive/Negative) summary of some of the things that have happened this year...

NWas ill for 6 weeks and recovering from a dislocated knee throughout this month
PInterviewed on Latest TV (popular Local TV station!!) in regards to Plus Size Modelling
P - Reviewed a stunning skirt and made a great friend with Fiza from Das Rock Haus
P - Went on a few dates, despite not working out, I made good friends with them!

N - Still very unwell with a bad chest infection, back and forth to the hospital...
N - Another Valentines Day alone; this really got me down this year...
PI took part in the Queen of Hearts Catwalk Show!
P- My modelling page hit 1,000 likes!

N - Still feeling ill...
P - Went to see Mark Feehily with my best friend in London
P - Began to start looking for a new job
P - Picked photography back up and got some shoots booked with some model friends!
P - Derby Day at Wembley Stadium with my best friend (Rugby!)
P - Got a job interview with 2 schools for April...

N - Found out who some true friends really were...
N - On anti-biotics... Again.
P - Had my interviews... I got offered  new job from both schools; but took the job at the private school! 
P - Started to do some proper work outs (including a bit of boxercise!)
P - Worked as a backup Photographer on a Fashion Shoot!

N - I'm still ill... Is that even humanly possible to be ill this long?
N - Started to feel very low and looking at the negatives of life instead of the positives...
N - Went on possibly some of the worst dates imaginable...
PWent to Atomic Vintage Festival with the gorgeous Vintage Kisses!
P - 50,000 views on my blog!

N - Battle with the local authority to keep my brother at his current school, where he had been for the past 13 years...
N/P - I took a break from dating... Things didn't feel good, and I needed to take a break.
P - Began my new healthy living plan... A tough start.
P - More confidence in my own cooking and creating recipes!
P - Went to the British Belle's Pinup Picnic in the Park - met the amazing Vintage Doll Laura!
P - Ran a personal best of 2.46km - the most I had ever run in one go at that point in my life!

N - Got verbally harassed in public... Complete confidence blow.
N - Again, I found out who were some of my true friends... On my 20th birthday.
N - Didn't celebrate my birthday due to those friends above completely ditching me...
P - Did my first proper open fire barbecue!
P - Sent the most beautiful dozen roses for my 20th Birthday. I'd never been sent flowers on my birthday before!

N - My laptop stopped working... And cost me a shit tonne of money to get fixed.
N - Physically harassed in public whilst food shopping.
P - I went to Benefit HQ for a meeting... THEY INVITED ME!
P - Had blood test, fitness test and health review back from the Doctors. I'd improved and everything was super healthy... Best News Ever!
P - Barbie Girl shoot in Southampton before my modelling break!
P - Officially left my job!!!!
P - Got free tickets to UK Plus Size Fashion Week as part of the Media!

P - Started my new job!
P - Began Dating again... Started speaking to someone and things began going well..
P - Approached by a WORLD FAMOUS Photographer to work on a photo shoot for a Calender in 2016!!!
P - Did the photo shoot in the freezing milk (BIG HINT HERE!!!!)... Amazing experience of my life!
P - Went to UK Plus Size Fashion Week and met some bloggers I had wanted/been meaning to meet for a long time! 
P - Weight loss and healthy living going well, but being less harsh on myself and just living wiser!

N - Ended up very ill again.. Ended up going to hospital.
N - Lots of Anti-Biotics.
P - Began going on some dates with the person I started speaking to in September!
P - Started my Neuro-Linguistic Programming Diploma!
P - Finally got a new phone... that works!

N - Gained a few physical injuries at work...
P - Lots of positive praise from my Senior at work... And that I have a lot of potential in the future for training to my ultimate goal!
P - Lots more fantastic dates... And becoming an official couple!

N- On Anti-Biotics and Steroids to help me get over the chest infection I still had from October...
P - Spending lots of time with the boyfriend... Chill out Days, Going out...
P - Sent some beautiful hair extensions from Irresistible Me.. Review in the New Year!
P - Got my hair re-styled with a full fringe and a shorter bob style. Confidence!!
P - Spending the 4 days before Christmas with my boyfriend.
P - Being absolutely spoilt over Christmas from my amazing friends, family and boyfriend. Happiness!

If we look at the negatives... I had an awful year. I was ill for the majority of the year and lots of bad things did happen... Which I predicted correctly.


If we look at the positives... I had an amazing year! Lots more great things happened to outweigh the bad! I've not been as happy as I have been the last few months, lots of things have changed since January 2015 to December 2015... But things are looking amazing for 2016 if things carry on with how well they've been going!

Keep positive my darlings!!

Lots of Love and a very Happy New Year!!! 


(Blogging will resume hopefully regularly from the 9th of January!)