Monday, 20 June 2016

OOTW; Summer Lovin'

Sunday 30th May
Out in London on a Summery Warm Evening
What better way to bring myself back into outfit of the weeks posts then to do this simple smart but summery outfit!
So the last Bank Holiday in the UK until August was a couple of weeks ago and I was invited to go to a friends birthday do up in London, as we all know I can't say no to a glass of wine so me and my other friend went along! We had an awesome time.
My outfit was just a simple colour palette of black and white, nothing over the top but sophisticated.

Outfit Details
Black Midi Dress, New Look - £12.99
Size 18
White Jacket with Gold Zips, Peacocks - £25
Size 18
White T-Bar Sandals, Boohoo - £14
Silver Hoops, New Look - £5
Leopard Print Frame Sunglasses, Peacocks - £5

I can never say no to a matching manicure and pedicure - I opted for the No.7 nail polish topcoat of Disco Ball. I love how much glitter you get after two coatings. One of my absolute favourite glitter nail polishes I have ever owned!! (Also please excused my bruised foot - I had an extremely heavy power chair roll over and crush my foot - its still very tender and painful!)

I went with a simple make-up look, of just a tinted moisturiser, a white eyeshadow over my eye lids with a champagne eyeshadow in the crease and blended out. I used my Barry M Mascara and doubled up with my No.7 Mascara for extra volume and length. 

I threw my hair up into a ponytail and quiffed what used to be my fringe (which can't be a fringe anymore as my hair is down past my nose).

For my handbag I went with my current small little clutch bag from Peacocks. This is what I like to call my little Mary Poppins bag - I'm amazed at how much stuff I can get in this!!

And have a couple of images of my friends and me from that day/night!

Lots of Love

Emma V


Monday, 13 June 2016

My Handbag Essentials

I thought I would do a post on what essentials I have in my handbag - I regularly get asked by friends and followers about what things I always have to have on me. So, it was about time I shared with you all what my handbag must-have's are!!

I thought I would use my current small little handbag as I only have what I really need in this bag (although it is a little bit like a Mary Poppins bag with how much stuff I can actually get in it!)

In the main section of my handbag I have;
- White purse from Peacocks, £5 - has all my cards change and receipts. 
- Pink YSL Bag (Details below!)
- Keys (with my cut key chains) attached is a USB stick & Tesco and Pets at Home Clubcards
- Hand Sanitizer in Strawberry Laces Flavour
- Polo's just in case I stay over someone's house and I don't have access to a toothbrush but don't want morning breath (morning breath is icky...)
- And of course, especially with me - you have to have sunglasses. These are from Peacocks which I bought for £5.

In my pink bag I have the other little essentials I need;
- Body spray - just in case as said before I stay at someone's house, I can freshen myself up and not feel yucky.
- Lip stick and lip pencil in a pale pink - always got to look beautiful!
- Nail file because well, if I don't take one its fate that I will break a nail
- Small tester of Black Opium - again to give me my sexy fragrance that the men can't deny!
- Pair of Panties - the just in case aspect again. I HATE having to put the same panties on the next day if I have an emergency stay over so I always take a pair with me - you never know when you might need them!!

In the zip compartment of my bag;
- 2 portable charges; one pink and one blue so I can tell which ones I've used and not have them the same colour and get mixed up.
- Of course, I have a iPhone charger kept in my bag. Don't want to hassle of moving over the same charger and means I won't screw myself up if I ever did forget the charger cable.
- I have 2 types of lip balm - a clear shea lip butter and a tinted cherry red lip balm that leaves a pale red stain over my lips for those times I need to impress a man
- And of course I have a couple of tissues... You can never NOT have tissues in a handbag!

So that's all my handbag essentials! As you can see I do have a fair few things I take with me but you can never be too careful - you never know what can happen! I can say from experience that when you don't have these things, I feel totally unprepared and thrown off my feet... so even if I do decide last minute to stay over someone's house, at least I have panties, body spray and polo's to make myself a presentable human!

I hope this has helped you if you can't decide what things you may need in your bag!!

Lots of Love

Emma V


Monday, 6 June 2016

Dating 101 - My Personal Top Tips!! (Part One)

As mentioned in my previous post I have now rejoined the dating world (I was only out for 6 months!) but surprisingly in that time I still had things I had forgotten after being in a relationship... Now, a lot of my friends turn to me when it comes to dating advice - I don't know why but they do; so I always try and give them the best advice I can give them based on the situation...

Now, before I give some situations and examples I want to just put a little disclaimer out - EVERY situation and relationship is different, not everything I can recommend is going to work, its what has worked for me in my 4 years of dating as a young adult. I am not a qualified relationship adviser, I'm just your every day 20 (nearly 21) year old woman.

(Right, now the boring bit has been done!) I'm going to try and do these posts in parts as they will be pretty lengthy going into details about the different situations - I don't know how many parts yet, but here is part one...

Example 1 - Busy? / Cancelled Dates?
This is my most current situation that I am currently in - now if one of my friends was to read this they would know my most recent ex and that it didn't end too great.
After a week of splitting up I went and had a bit of fun (its never wrong to have 'fun' just so long as both parties agree and understand the full intentions). A week later, I felt sort of ready to jump back into the pool of dating... So I did..

Now, I know it has a bit of a dodgy reputation but I joined... Tinder! Now, I matched with a guy who was very local to me, straight away we both clarified that we are not interested in just a hook-up - he is very busy with work (and I mean super busy, but we'll touch on that in a second), so we matched and started speaking on Wednesday, by Friday we had our first date. We went for a drink at a pub local to me (as we all know I don't drive so he offered to come to me), the date went well, he offered to drive me home but I was happy to walk - now, a lot of dating advice sites would say that shows I'm not "interested" but I refused purely because I; a) wanted to walk home b) he had travelled to me and I didn't want to be a bother.

Whilst on my walk home, he messaged me saying thanks for a good night, and did I want to go on a second date - I obliged as we seemed to get on well. Our 2nd date was on the Sunday, we went round his house (see what I mean about different situations? He wasn't taking me back for sex, he had been at work all day and I didn't want to drag him out somewhere when I assumed he would be tired). We ended up chatting for 3 hours, and he then dropped me home - we kissed twice on this date. And, again asked if I would like to go for a third date, so on the Wednesday, he cooked dinner for me at his house and we watched a movie. I ended up staying over at his that night... We definitely had a spark/chemistry and it felt "right" - normally for me I'd say this was going way too fast, we only knew each other a week, but I didn't feel any pressure.

So, this is when it gets tricky. We organised a date for the Saturday - all was well and it came to Saturday, now remember I said he is very busy with his job? Stuff had happened and he had to cancel.

Now you can act 1 of 2 ways... You can act;
a) Get angry, send an emotional text to go fuck himself
b) Be graceful and reschedule

Go for option B!! In a way, see it as a test, especially this early on - if you get angry/stroppy then he may just call the shots then and there, show you are a mature adult - it happens. Life can and does get in the way.

Anyway, we rescheduled for the Monday (bank holiday Monday) now with the job he does he still had to work - so I was waiting at home, as we had arranged to meet up. I messaged him about 5.40pm... I didn't receive a response till 6.20pm saying work had been a nightmare and had to cancel. So, again... I was in that awkward place of do I give him the benefit of the doubt or do I just cut the chord...

I decided to just play it cool and say its okay - I had a gut feeling that he wasn't lying to me. So I simply messaged back and said "Sucks when weeks turn shitty :/ well let me know as I would like to see you again :) xx" - I didn't go over the top I just kept it cool and made my feelings clear that I want to see him again.

Now I will update this when the fourth date is set and it goes on... but for now watch this space!

My main tip from this is to play it cool, be mature and be calm. You don't need to give an over-dramatic reaction - as you may just lose someone that is really decent!

Example 2 - Not being the Booty Call
So one of my best friend's recently came out of a long term relationship, so she really hadn't had much practice in the dating world. I frequently remind her that we have to go through the shitty dates to get a good date, and even then good dates don't always work out.

There is some guys I've been on some lovely dates with but there was no spark for me - so I stayed friends with them and now they are absolutely dear to me!

Anyway, basically she went on a date with this guy, ended up going back to his for whatever reason... ended up doing some 'stuff' (you know what I mean) but not the whole way.

Now, he texted her the following days - she is not looking to just hook up, she wants to date and see if it leads to anything...

My friend sent me some screenshots of their conversations, she was making all the effort. Literally all of it! He wasn't fussed what they would do for their second date - he is meant to be her wooing her and vice versa - I don't believe the man should do all the work, but he was doing none at all!

After reading his last couple of messages which were over 2 consecutive days; "Come c me tonight x" and "call me I'm bored x". He made no effort at any other time to contact her.

Straight away this was a red flag for me. He only contacts her when its convenient for him and he is 'bored'. Sometimes, trust your instincts - they are your best indicators. If it looks like a fish, smells like a fish and feels like a fish... Its probably a fish.

My main tip is; Find out his intentions - don't assume you shouldn't sleep with someone. If it feels right then do it, but get each persons intentions from the start before anything happens. There will always be people who lie and then flake off - but be prepared for this beforehand. Trust your instincts.

I'll leave it at these 2 for now, I'll do some more parts over the next few weeks, I don't want to divulge in loads all at once!

If you have a dating issue you want me to discuss or address then feel free to message me over on my new Facebook page - specifically for my blog! You will remain anonymous as well (its all up to you!)

Lots of Love

Emma V


Monday, 23 May 2016

Coming back with a bang!

Wow... A lot has happened this year, mostly unexpected but I feel as if I'm sort of falling back on my feet again...

Where do I begin?
I lost my job, I lost my boyfriend (it was inevitable, so I wasn't really too upset - but that's besides the point) and so many people were being so negative around me... So I just sat myself down and said enough is enough. To the people who have been nothing but a downer I've disconnected from and stuck with the people who are positive and will bring me good and happy vibes - no one wants a Debbie Downer, they want a Positive Polly!

I've picked up my fitness and healthy eating again (read more about that over on my LiveHealthywithEmma blog) - after months of eating not so good food and nearly no fitness (have to say I do feel ashamed in myself) I have finally picked up and already progressed loads.

So where does that leave us with Anchors Away?
I'll be honest, the last 8 months I've really not been 'into' my blogging, I didn't want to write for the sake of writing because I knew I wouldn't be creating content to my highest standard and it wouldn't be something I'm invested into... I didn't want to hate my blogging. Now with myself being out of work (and looking for a new job) I have some extra time on my hands where I feel happy to utilise the odd bit of time to do some blogging, and bring back something that means a lot of happy and positive vibes!


So... this is where I come to you - please bear with me while I get some posts up and going again, tell me what you want to see!! Lifestyle, fashion, tips etc I'm happy to oblige to the best of my ability!

I'm hoping to do some OOTW posts when the weather picks up again... so watch out for them!!

I hope you are all well my darlings, and I hope 2016 has been a kinder year to you then it has to me!

Lots of Love!!


Saturday, 26 March 2016

Irresistible Me - Hair Extensions!

I've been meaning to write this post for months but life has been getting in the way a lot hence my lack of blogging...

Due to recent unforseen events I've got some time on my hands to catch up on writing this!

(Super sorry to the lovely ladies at Irresistable Me for the wait too!! Much love!)


Back towards the end of 2015, I had the lovely Irresistable Me get in contact about hair extensions; for someone like myself who is always so indecisive about their hair, particularly when spending so long growing it out to drastically decide to cut it. Its always nice to have a back up plan!

I've always wanted some decent hair extensions (by that I mean ones that I can curl and wash and not go all horrible...) and this was when I thought I'd give these a go!

I went for 200grams of 20 inch hair extensions in platinum blonde.

It will be obvious in the photos that the colours aren't blending with my natural hair colour this is because I haven't got round to finding a dye that matches my natural blonde but with the lightness of the extensions it should be easy to dye and wash them! Although for the benefit of looking at the length you can determine easily between my natural hair and the extensions so you can get a good idea!

When the extensions turned up (if I remember correctly they turned up about a week after the order was placed) they were in this beautiful black box with the Irresistible Me". The extensions were sealed in a plastic bag with a tab that had to be broken to open them...

So, I proceeded to take the gorgeous extensions out of the packaging (they were in a netting to protect them) - I had received one 4 clip weft, 4 two clip wefts, 3 three clip wefts, 4 one clip wefts - so there was plenty to cover the whole of my head. (For the images taken below I used; one 4 clip, 2 three clips and 2 two clip wefts).
My natural Hair length (also excuse the ill fitting bra!!)
And now with the added extensions (before they are dyed to my natural colour!)
I wore these from about 1pm in the afternoon till about 7pm and they didn't hurt or pull on my hair. The quality of the extensions are absolutely wonderful and they are so silky smooth (puts my natural hair to shame - best get buying some more conditioner!)

I prefer to wear extensions when I'm doing my hair in a specific "style" or "do" particularly when curling it and pulling my hair over onto one shoulder, or a ponytail/bun. So I also wanted to see what its like when all gathered on one shoulder - I absolutely love the fullness of the extensions and the added volume and length it gives to my hair!

The love is unstoppable I have to say...

Again below you can see the complete difference in length from my hair to the extensions...

For someone who has had an up and down/ love and hate relationship with hair extensions these have definitely made me fall in love with these, they are comfortable, easy to style and the quality of them is absolutely fantastic - if you want some really decent hair extensions you have to purchase these!!

They are made from 100% Remy Hair and you can select how much or little you'd like to purchase, they were super helpful with my bombardment of questions about the product so never feel afraid to ask (even if you think it seems silly!!)

I got the Royal Remy in Platinum Blonde at 20 inches long...
Prices start from as little as $130/£92...

Thanks for reading guys!!

Lots of love!!


Saturday, 16 January 2016

OOTW; Wrap It Up

Red Plus Size Bra (42DD), New Look - £12.99
Black 80 Denier Tights (L), New Look - £4.99

Main Outfit
Baby Pink Strappy Top (18), Primark - £1.80
Grey Pencil Bodycon Skirt (18), Primark - £2
Black Block Heels (6), Primark - £15

Jacket & Accessories
Woolen Wrap (One Size), Next - £Gifted
White Woolen Snood (One Size), Primark - £5
Silver Heart Pendant Necklace, Gift from the Boyfriend

What I love the most about this outfit is just how lovely it looks. You can look smart yet feel so darn comfy! This grey pencil bodycon skirt is my definite go to for work at the moment, especially with all the running around I do, I can still look smart, sophisticated but still be comfy and be able to do all the things I need to do.

I've definitely been on the trend of wearing wraps/shawls this year, I have 2 so far, and this was gifted to me for Christmas. I absolutely love how soft and cosy this is to wear! It's definitely like getting a hug when you can't get an actual one from someone. Cuddles me all day long!

Can we all take a moment to admire how beautiful my necklace is?! 
(Little secret, I balled my eyes out when I got this at Christmas!)

I've had a lot of "Are you're shoes comfortable?!" yes, yes they are! These stunners from Primark for a mighty £15 are super comfy and the absolute perfect height for me. They are definitely not too high, and are comfortable for me to wear all day. I can also jog lightly in them when required... Obviously not out of choice, but I have tested this out.

As you can see, I'm currently sporting a choppy bob and full fringe. We all know how spontaneous I am with my hair, and decided to go for the chop back in December; my hair was not in a very good state and had been through the wars a bit. To get my hair back into a better condition I got my split ends all cut out with a bit of extra length taken to make sure I can grow my hair beautifully.

My make-up is a simple Autumnal look, I've really just stayed in my Autumnal fashion this autumn and winter due to the weather. It's not been cold enough for big fur coats and elaborate winter fashion for me. I've enjoyed being able to play out my autumn fashion style a little longer then normal too! I've gone for some light browns on the eyelid and a dark brown in the crease blended through, in the small of my eye I've gone for a shimmery gold, blended through into the light brown and dark brown in my crease.
On my lips I began with exofliating with a toothbrush and proceeding to put on some Carmex lip balm. After a while I added my Benefit Rockateur Lip Gloss over the top for that extra bit of glam!
My foundation and concealer are both Rimmel in the shade Soft Beige and my eyeshadow's are from the MUA Palette's. Blusher is a combo of Soap & Glory's & Bourjois in Rose D'Or.

Lots of Love


Saturday, 9 January 2016

Perfume Review; YSL Black Opium

Perfumes are absolutely wonderful; I love the unique smells they create and how they can enhance to you as an individual. I'm definitely a person who matches my perfumes to my emotional mindset - so I will want my perfume to convey a certain aura and a specific sense to the people around me.

Before I purchased the Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium perfume my day to day perfume was the Marc Jacob's Daisy Eau So Fresh which is a wonderfully floral, refreshing and girly perfume and my old work perfume was Ralph Lauren's Ralph (for women) - I decided that I would switch my perfumes up what with starting my new job last September, so I switched my Marc Jacob's Daisy Eau So Fresh to my work perfume, but then I was left with no perfume for when I'm out of work.... So I went to several different places for the shop assistant's opinion as I like to get a different opinion and compare, I then asked a few of my blogger friends and then proceeded to put a status on my Facebook page... The comment that swayed me the most was the lovely Jessica's (from comment on my status!

What was I searching for?
I was searching for a perfume that was very demure, sexy and slightly musky and something with a good staying power. I wanted something romantic (I know, not asking for much was I?) I originally decided on Opium by YSL as after reading comparative reviews of the two Opium's I went for the original Opium. The Black Opium was under very mixed reviews (a bit like Marmite if I'm honest, some loved and the others hated it, there wasn't any in between!). As I had lots of points on my Boots Card I risked buying the Black Opium after my discussion with Jessica... And boy am I relived I bought Black Opium!

Opium arrived and I was disappointed, the smells were lovely and romantic but far too old for me. For someone who has a very young persona, outgoing and rather outwardly seductive, it was a bit too "settled" for me, I decided to gift this to my mother instead and she absolutely adores the perfume and reminds her of when she wore it when she was younger... Happy days! So I waited anxiously for Black Opium to arrive; and boy was I blown away when it did arrive!

What does it smell like?
So I'm going to borrow some of the official information from the YSL website about Black Opium's scent because in my opinion they have summed it up absolutely perfectly...

When the electrifying energy of black coffee meets the assertive femininity of white flowers. A vibrant, sensual and addictive contrast of light and dark. Black coffee accord - Orange blossom - Cedarwood – Patchouli

Oriental floral gourmand"

Black Opium is that perfect contrast of demure, sexy, and romantic as well as the amazing staying power. It has the rich demure smell that is perfect if you want a very strong and powerful perfume, strong smell for a strong woman if you ask me. This perfume pretty much defines me now, everytime I've met up with friends since and they've had a quick sniff of my perfume they pretty much think its a match made in heaven to me, the subtle and strong hints of the fragrance is just me in a complete nutshell, strong, demure, sensual and powerful. 

How much does it cost?
For the 30ml bottle from Boots it is £44
For the 50ml bottle from Boots it is £64
For the 90ml bottle from Boots it is £84

Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette?
I won't buy anything other then EDP for myself, I'm very fussy on this, but I'd recommend asking a fragrance specialist about what they recommend for you and what your personal taste is.

Are you happy?
I'm very happy with this perfume, it has been what I've been searching for for a very long time! I doubt I'll be changing my perfume anytime soon now! I'm in love with this perfume and have already purchased my third bottle (yes, you read correctly my THIRD bottle!!). My boyfriend also loves the perfume on me, which for me says it all!